Sexy underwear is wearing and returning goods

Sexy underwear is wearing and returning goods

Sex underwear Return Regulations: No support will be returned, and then returned

As a personal product, sexy underwear has strict requirements for the regulations for returns.For sexy underwear that has been worn, it is generally not allowed to return.Here, let’s discuss the reasons why the sexy underwear cannot be returned, and the alternative method that can be taken.

The reason why the sexy underwear that can not be returned

First of all, the sexy underwear you can not be returned can be returned, which is the following two reasons:

1. Hygiene issues

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Because sexy underwear is a personal product, once it is worn, it means that it has been exposed to private parts.To sell such products for secondary sales, it must be completely disinfected.There may be small differences in the private environment of different people, and it is difficult to achieve a 100 % thorough effect.If the returned sexy underwear is sold again, if the hidden health hazards such as infection are caused, once the victim is investigated, the store will face huge funding compensation and the risk of serious damage to the corporate reputation.

2. Consumption characteristics

As a consumable, sexy underwear, because of its physical characteristics such as softness and elasticity, the more times the number of times, the elasticity and quality will gradually decrease and lose the value of use.Therefore, for the erotic underwear that has been passed, after the glittering of photosynthesis, simply washing and cleaning cannot be restored to its original state, and it is difficult to sell it again.

How to avoid returns due to size problems?

The size problem has always been a common problem in online shopping, and it is suitable for sexy and close -fitting clothing such as sexy underwear.

1. First of all, ensure that the size is accurate

If you want to avoid returns caused by size, then you must ensure that your size is measured first, and you know the size fidating specifications behind the brand.Before buying, pay attention to the product parameter table, and choose the appropriate size according to your actual situation.

2. View product introduction and evaluation as much as possible

When buying sexy underwear online, check the product introduction and evaluation as many as possible.Under normal circumstances, good product introduction will list in detail size, fabric and style information.Evaluation is also one of the reference factors to choose a product. Understanding the experience of other consumers can effectively reduce shopping risks.

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Under what circumstances can we return?

For sexy underwear, because of the special nature of the product itself, there are some restrictions that can be replaced and returned. The specifics are as follows:

1. Product problems

If there are obvious quality problems or specifications for the purchase of the sexy underwear purchased, then you can ask for returns or exchanges to ensure your own consumption rights.

2. The number of goods is not corresponding or the quantity does not match

After receiving the goods, if you find that the goods are not consistent with the ordered ordered, you can return directly.However, the premise is that you need to contact the seller within 7 days and prepare the return on the basis of maintaining the original goods.

What should I do if I can’t return the goods?

If you have a return on online purchases, the best way at this time is to directly find customer service to communicate and clarify the actual situation. The purpose is to request the support and assistance of customer service, such as trying and returning the original road to try to avoid generatingUnnecessary economic and time waste.

How to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best?

Choosing a perfect sexy underwear is the choice every woman wants to make.Because sexy underwear can show the perfect figure of women, making them more confident, beautiful and sexy.Here are some techniques for purchasing sexy underwear:

1. Determine your body characteristics

Everyone’s physical characteristics are different, and the sexual underwear styles and models they need are also different.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose the style and style that suits you best according to your own body characteristics.

2. Pay attention to quality

When buying sexy underwear, quality should be one of the most important considerations.Choosing a good quality sexy underwear can ensure comfort, durability and safety, and also save you more purchase costs.

Finally, summarize

Whether when choosing sexy underwear, or when returning and exchanging goods, we need to follow some basic principles and steps.These steps can help us choose the sexy underwear that suits us correctly, and at the same time, it can also avoid losses and waste caused by wrong choices.In short, maintaining rational, comfortable, and reasonable consumption, let us enjoy the beautiful experience brought by sexy underwear!