Sexy underwear inspection photos

Sexy underwear inspection photos

About sex underwear inspection photos

As a sexy underwear expert, I have high requirements for the quality of sexy underwear.In order to ensure that the sexy underwear we sell meets the needs of customers, we always insist on strict inspection of each batch of goods and record each link.

Inspection standard

The inspection standards we use are mainly the following items:

Appearance: The appearance should be neat and beautiful, without damage and fading.

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Edition: Every sexy underwear should meet the design version, and there is no obvious suture problem.

Fabric: The fabric should be soft and comfortable, without the phenomenon of burrs, balls, and other phenomena.

Details: Small details are also places to pay attention to, such as buttons, zippers, accessories, etc. need to be intact.

Inspection process

Our inspection process is as follows:

After receiving the goods, the appearance inspection is performed first to ensure that the internal and external packaging is not damaged.

After the sealing, the version, fabric, details and other aspects are checked.

Record the results of the goods on the book and take photos.

Timely processing the goods that exist in time, and packing all the goods that qualify for the goods.

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Cover the box, paste the sealing belt, and perform the final inspection.

Photo effect of inspection

The role of photos of the goods is very important. It can not only record the situation of each batch of goods, but also allow us to better understand the quality and details of love underwear.

In addition, check -up photos can also be used for customer reference.When customers need to understand the quality of sexy underwear we sell, we can let the customer understand our goods more intuitively through photos.

Comparison of check -up photos

We can judge the stability of the goods by comparing the photos of the goods.If the check -up photos of multiple goods have not changed much, it can be explained that the quality of the sexy underwear we sell is stable and reliable.

Copy the problem in the photo -inspection photo

If there are problems with the goods in the inspection, such as damage, lack, stains, and inconsistent design problems, we will immediately deal with related goods.

If there are some small problems, we will try to solve them in different ways, such as requesting manufacturers to compensate or give customers a certain discount.

The importance of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an indispensable part of our lives. It can not only add sexual interest to us, but also allow us to better express our sexy, self -confidence and personality.

Therefore, we also need higher attention and testing standards for the quality standards of sexy underwear.This can ensure that more customers can get a better experience when choosing our products.


The importance of check -up photos cannot be ignored. Only through the complete inspection process and photo records can we ensure that the sexy underwear we sell is the highest quality.