Sexy underwear girl paper is so deep

Sexy underwear girl paper is so deep

Sexy underwear girl paper is so deep

Sex underwear has always been the focus of women’s attention because it has a variety of styles and styles, and is very sexy and attractive.For women, it is comfortable to wear. In addition, it can also increase self -confidence and attract men’s attention. However, not everyone knows the correct choice and matching of sexy underwear.In this article, I will take you into the world of sexy underwear, and introduce you to some professional knowledge and skills about sexy underwear to help you choose and match sex underwear correctly.

1. Understand your figure

Before buying sexy underwear, you must understand your own figure, without any kind of sexy underwear suitable for everyone.Different body types require different styles and styles of sexy underwear to set off and optimize the body shape.Whether the chest is plump and whether the waist is slender is the most important factor for you to choose a sexy underwear.

2. Thickness

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Thickness is a factor that pay attention to when choosing sexy underwear.You need to choose the right thickness according to season and weather conditions.In summer, thin sexy underwear is usually selected, and thick sexy underwear is usually selected in winter, so that it can have enough warmth.

3. Color & Fabric

The color and fabric of sexy underwear are also important factor that requires consideration.The color should be selected according to your body set off the color to reduce the contradiction between the color and the body.In general, the light tone will make people feel more fresh, while the dark tone appears more mature and stable.In terms of fabrics, it is recommended to choose a softer, shiny and textured fabric, so as to better present the taste and characteristics of clothing.

4. Cup

When we choose sexy underwear, we must also consider the size of the cup.You need to know your correct cup size and whether you need more powerful support capabilities.In addition, you can also consider the softness and hardness of the lining of the cup to avoid choosing a cup that is too tight. Do not affect health.

5. shoulder strap

The size of the shoulder strap should correspond to the size of the cup, so that it can be better matched.The shoulder strap design can bring different wear experiences. For example, you can choose to disassemble the shoulder straps to increase the use and practicality of sexy underwear. In addition, it can also eliminate the discomfort caused by different body types of different muscles.

6. closeness

When buying sexy underwear, you can choose different personal degrees, such as just sticking to your body, or having a higher personal degree to better shape your body.The personality is closely related to the fabric, and the personal degree can be selected with the selected fabric.

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7. Buying skills

Selecting sexy underwear is not easy, and the process needs time and patience.There are many sexy underwear brands on the market now, and you need to have patience and time to understand and compare slowly.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider the factors of brand, price, clerk service, size, material, design, etc. to make you satisfactory.

8. Personalized sexy underwear

Today, personality is more and more respected by people, and the same reason is applicable to sexy underwear.You can choose to choose specific styles and styles according to your ideas and personalities. For example, people who like leather clothing can choose leather and sexy underwear, or diverse sexy underwear. Each style allows you to better reflect personalized personalization.Traits.

9. The matching of sexy underwear

For the matching of sexy underwear, we can match according to clothing color or style to avoid color and style conflict.In addition, ordinary pencil skirts, pleated skirts, leather pants and other items may be matched with sexy underwear to make better wear effects.

10. The most important thing is your comfortable feeling

The last reminder is that no matter what type of sexy underwear you choose, comfort and experience are the most important. Wearing good erotic underwear can improve your confidence and charm, and good comfort can bring better dressing.Experience and comfort.

To sum up, it is necessary to understand the knowledge and skills of love underwear, especially to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.If you have n’t bought sexy lingerie, hurry up and experience it. This will be a very interesting and exciting journey.