Sexy underwear foreign model LERA

Sexy underwear foreign model LERA

Learn LERA

LERA is a sexy underwear model from Russia.She has a beautiful outline and sexy figure, which is very popular in the model circle.LERA lives and work abroad for a long time, and has gradually formed its own unique sexy style.

European and American sex love underwear style

LERA is known for its European and American sexy underwear style.The design of European and American sexy underwear style is bold, showing the beautiful curve and attractive charm of women.LERA often wore black, red, etc. she thinks she thinks of her sexy underwear.

Term interpretation

Lace Silk Chemise – 8813

In the field of sexy underwear, there are some terms to understand.For example, a half -cup underwear is suitable for highlighting the perfect chest shape; triangular underwear is suitable for showing sexy buttocks and enhancing visual effects; and bellybands are a more special sexy underwear, with the purpose of showing a wonderful belly button.LERA usually selects different types of underwear according to the occasion and shape.

Coordination of stockings and sexy underwear

Many women choose shawl, strap, or even high heels when wearing sexy underwear to highlight the sexy style.In addition to these elements, stockings are also one of the important accessories of sexy underwear.The transparent and pattern stockings make women’s legs more slender and slender, and at the same time make the woman more attractive at this time.

Comparison of bodies underwear and bodywear underwear

Some people may think that beam underwear and bodywear are the same underwear, but it is not.Bid -body underwear mainly plays the effect of squeezing the abdomen and other parts, so that the body lines are more beautiful; and the body -shaping underwear can help women better highlight their beautiful curves and make the image more pretty and moving.LERA believes that choosing the right underwear can not only make you more sexy and beautiful, but also help your health.

Underwear wearing skills

Correct underwear wearing skills can not only improve the beauty and comfort of underwear, but also better show the curve beauty of women.When wearing ultra -thin stockings, LERA will choose non -trace underwear to avoid the outline of the pants on the stockings; and when wearing underwear containing patterns or decorative underwear, LERA will choose to wear thick skirts or jeans to make it more harmoniousEssence

Sexy is not equal to exposure

Sexy is not equal to exposure. The model of LERA is the best proof.She wears a sexy underwear or stockings is very sexy, but it does not make people feel exposed or too embarrassing.Therefore, if women want to wear sexy erotic underwear, they must understand their bodies and choose the appropriate underwear style.

Fetish Wear

How to maintain sexy underwear

Sex underwear requires special maintenance, because the fabrics used in underwear are usually more fine.LERA will choose to use non -alcoholic detergents to avoid damaging delicate fabrics. At the same time, she will also choose to place in dry and ventilated places to avoid mold and odor.

Combined with personal style

In the end, LERA believes that the sexy underwear worn by different people will feel different.The key is whether the underwear conforms to its own style and personality.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider both personal temperament and combined with fashion trends to select the style and color matching that suits you.


Sexy is not just figure and clothes, but also an inner temperament.Just like LERA, with its own unique charm and taste.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, we must pay more attention to reflecting our unique sexuality and interest, which is the most important.