Sexy underwear flow Su Suizi

Sexy underwear flow Su Suizi

Sexy underwear flow Su Suizi


There are many styles of sexy underwear. Among them, Liu Suozi is a very sexy design.As the name implies, there are many slender tassel spikes in the tassel Suozi underwear. Their shaking and dancing can bring a strong visual impact and make you feel tempting and sexy.

Types of Suizi

Flat Suo Underwear includes two styles of spikes, one is slender long ears, which are usually used for long corset and suspenders; the other is short short spikes, which are often used in sexy panties.Speeds of different lengths can bring different visual effects and aesthetic experiences.

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Spike color

The color of the spikes of Liu Suzi underwear is also very colorful. Black, red, pink, purple, silver, gold and other colors can all become your choice.When choosing color, you need to consider your skin color and personal style, and choose the color that is best for you to better show your sexy style.

The benefits of Suizi

The ears of the Sui Suizi underwear can not only increase the beauty and sexy of the sexy underwear, but also increase the dancing effect of feathers and gauze skirts during exercise, making you more beautiful and moving.At the same time, the shaking of Suizi can also stimulate sensitive areas and increase sexual stimuli and fun.


The matching is the key to the superstsuyo underwear, and the different matching effects are different.When matching, you need to consider color, style, length and material to create the most suitable match style for you.For example, the black long streaming Suozi corset can be paired with black stockings and high heels to create an elegant and noble sexy image.

Suizi maintenance

Flatsuyo underwear needs to be specially maintained carefully, and spikes are easy to wrap together, knots, breaks, etc.When cleaning, you need to touch and massage gently. Do not pull or rub it forcefully.At the same time, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight and excessive suspension when drying, so as not to affect the aesthetics and quality of the ear.

The sexy effect of Suizi


The effect of the spikes of the Suiso underwear is very sexy, which can increase people’s visual impact and make people perceptive and tempting.Suizi can also stimulate the sensitive parts of both sides during the sexual sex, increase the fun and stimulus of sex.

Suizi is not applicable

Flat Suo underwear is not suitable for every woman. If your body is small, the shoulder is wide or the chest is relatively flat, it may not be suitable for running Suozi underwear.Moreover, Suizi will scratch the skin during exercise, and people who are allergic to the skin may not be suitable for wearing superstsules underwear.

Suizi underwear style

The style of fast -moisture underwear is very diverse, which can fully reflect the personal character and style.For example, the golden brilliant Sui Suizi underwear can increase the unique sexy temperament, while the red hot superstsuyo underwear is more enthusiastic.

Spike accessory

The spikes of Liu Suojo underwear can be paired with many sexy accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and shoes to enhance the overall sexy effect.In terms of the choice of accessories, it is necessary to coordinate with the color and style of the underwear to create the best perfect matching effect.


Flat Souzi underwear is a very sexy charm and visual impact. Many women love it.The properly matched superstructure underwear can make you feel energetic in sex, increase fun and excitement.If you want to challenge Liu Suojo underwear, you must pay attention to the style and match that suits you!