Sexy underwear fabric color

Sexy underwear fabric color

Background introduction

Sex underwear is a type of unusual underwear using fabrics. It is often known as silk, lace and other materials to create sexy and bold or romantic and soft effects.

White fabric

White is one of the most basic colors in underwear. Most of the white fabrics in sex underwear are used to enhance the texture. At the same time, many different designs can be made through different fabric processing methods.

Black fabric

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Black fabrics are also common in sexy underwear. The design often uses hollow, grid and transparent elements to create a different sexy atmosphere.

Red cloth

Red is a representative color of sexy and romantic. The red fabrics in the sexy underwear use a large amount of lace and silk to create a different kind of romantic feelings. At the same time, it is more sexy through transparent and hollow processing methods.

Purple fabric

Purple fabric’s sexy underwear often uses streamlined design, giving people a sense of elegance.Purple fabrics are often selected to make adult sexy underwear, creating a more vivid and bold image.

Pink cloth

Pink fabric is a representative of traditional women’s colors. The only sexy lingerie in the sexy lingerie uses pink fabrics to create a young and cute and playful image.

Yellow cloth

Yellow is not common in sexy underwear, nor is everyone who can control it.The yellow fabric uses the material that is relatively not in other colors in the yellow cloth, which can create a relatively unique cotton soft effect.


Blue fabric

Blue is the elegant color in many people’s minds, and in sexy underwear, blue is often used as a design that emphasizes quality and restrained.

Green fabric

The relationship between green and nature is inseparable and can be used to strengthen the wild nature and temperament in the context of nature.Green fabrics often combine with leather and other materials to form primitive design styles.

Transparent fabric

Transparent design is often used to enhance sexy temperament. The design of sexy underwear is largely surrounded by transparency.Transparent fabrics can effectively strengthen the feeling of nakedness and secrets, and create a sexy mysterious feeling of strange and contradictory.

Comprehensive fabric selection suggestion

Different colors and different materials in sexy underwear have their own unique personality and use. You should choose different erotic underwear according to your body shape, temperament and style.At the same time, when shopping, you must choose a good reputation of sexy underwear to ensure the quality and use of the product.


The design evolution of sexy underwear is inseparable from changes in social culture and technology.The characteristics and applicability of each fabric are different, so you need to keep in mind that you must choose according to your own needs and aesthetic views.