Sexy underwear bold COS pictures

Sexy underwear bold COS pictures


As a sexy and bold clothing, sexy underwear has always been sought after by women.In order to meet the needs of customers, all kinds of exciting erotic lingerie styles are constantly new.Recently, more and more women have begun to move the elements of sexy underwear to the Cosplay field, showing their sexy and charm through Cosplay.This article will bring you a set of sexy underwear cos pictures.

Small fresh style

In Cosplay, small fresh -style sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular with women.This style has both fresh and sexy, showing a unique charm.In the picture, the beauty is wearing a pale pink sexy underwear, with long socks and short skirts. The entire dress is full of sweetness and sexy atmosphere.


Stewardess Costume Set Chemise With Hat – 7010

The combination of swimwear and sexy underwear is also a very interesting attempt.Some women Cosplayer wear sexy lingerie outside the swimsuit, creating a new style.The beauty in this picture is wearing a fish -scale erotic lingerie, the matching of swimming hats and ship socks makes the whole person look very sexy and mysterious.

Black sexy

Black -colored and sexy underwear has always been a representative of sexy and mysterious.This black sexy underwear uses a hollow design and has a visual impact.The camisole top can show the beauty of the beauty and the shoulder lines, with black socks, making people feel very noble and sexy.

Catwoman style

Cat Woman has also become one of the characters that many Cosplayer likes.In the matching of sexy underwear, the catwoman style also looks very sexy and charming.The beauty is wearing a black sexy underwear and a black silk ribbon on it. The same color boots make the shape of the whole person very coordinated, which is very suitable for cosplay activities.

Japanese style

The design of Japanese sexy underwear has always been fresh and cute.This sexy underwear also uses Japanese -style elements and light pink design, which makes people feel a pleasant feeling.This style is suitable for those female COSPLAYER who pursue girls and freshness.

Student girl style

Many women have had campus dreams, and wearing school uniforms is one of the favorite colligations.The beauty also wore a combination of sexy underwear and school uniforms, plus white socks, making the whole person look very cute and pure.This dress is very suitable for those female Cosplayer who loves cute and girls.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Dragon style

The Dragon style is a very unique cosplay element.The sexy underwear in this picture uses the design of the dragon scale, full of mystery and breath.Coupled with black socks and short silver hair, the shape of the whole person looks domineering and sexy.

Mech style

The combination of robots and erotic underwear is also very unique and bold. The beauty underwear of this beauty uses mecha design.Wearing helmets and silver gloves, and black boots, the whole person looks very mysterious and sexy.

Be careful

In cosplay, women are constantly showing their careful thoughts.The beauty wearing black sexy underwear and a golden chain made the whole person look very sexy and bold.Wearing such a fun underwear can not only show your figure, but also show your personality and personality.


All in all, the combination of sexy underwear and cosplay allows women to not only show their figures and hearts, but also express their personality and personality.Bold design and elements make these Cosplay look more charming and sexy.I hope that when you choose sexy underwear and cosplay, you can show your charm and personality and become a real cosplayer.