Sexy underwear beauty for a long time

Sexy underwear beauty for a long time

Selection of sexy underwear beauty

The beauty of sexy underwear refers to women who wear sexual and erotic lingerie. This underwear is generally very eye -catching, so it is very popular.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider multiple aspects.

Choose the color that suits you

First, you should choose the color that suits you.Usually, red and black are the most popular colors.They don’t represent enthusiasm and mystery.However, the different skin tone and personality of different people will affect the color that suits them.For example, if the skin is fair, white sex underwear is a good choice.If you are gentle, you can choose elegant effects, such as pink, purple, etc.

Choose a style suitable for your body

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There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as corset, suspender, nightdress, and so on.When choosing, you need to consider the characteristics of your body.For example, if you have a plump chest, you can choose some tall corsets. If you weaken the waistline, you can choose a lace underwear with a sense of restraint.In addition, the size is also very important, and you must choose the size suitable for you.

Choose a brand with high comfort

The material of sexual feelings of sexy underwear is generally selected with higher comfortable materials, such as lace and cotton fabrics.Brands are also very important. Choosing the sexual and emotional failed underwear of well -known brands, fresh and healthy fabrics, more comfortable wearing, can avoid allergies and other problems.

Pay attention to the balance between sexy and comfort

The most important point of sexy underwear is sexy, but be careful not to pursue the appearance, too much pursuit of sexy, and neglecting attention to comfort.Tighter sexy underwear may cause physical discomfort.Therefore, pay attention to the balance between the two when choosing.

Should be paired

The purpose of wearing a sex lingerie is usually to add sex.Dressing is usually a better choice.Skirts, shorts, and trousers can be paired, but they should pay attention to the rationality of matching.

Different choices in different occasions

It is also important to choose different sexy underwear on different occasions.For example, at home, you can choose more comfortable erotic underwear.If you are in special occasions such as hotels, you can choose more slim -fitting underwear.

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Buy the positive channel channel

When buying sexy underwear, you must use the positive channel to buy it to avoid falling into the fake trap.At the same time, pay attention to the quality and inspection certificate of the supply when buying.Do not cause your own discomfort because of sloppyness, or have other hidden dangers.

High quality is good, not necessarily

The price of sexy underwear is usually relatively high, but this does not mean that the higher the price, the better.When choosing, you should refer to many aspects of information, learn to judge what erotic lingerie is worth it, and choose a cheap sexy underwear.


It is very important to choose underwear that suits you, because it is not only related to personal image, but also to physical health. Until choice may have an impact on the body.Therefore, when choosing, you must consider carefully, do not just pursue appearance and sexy, but also pay attention to comfort and choice.