Sexy pajamas, sexy underwear, small breast bellyband

Sexy pajamas, sexy underwear, small breast bellyband

Sexy pajamas, sexy underwear, small breast bellyband

What is a sexy underwear small chest and bellyband?

Interesting underwear small breast bellyband is a sexy pajamas, designed to make women feel more sexy, charming and confident.The characteristic of a small chest and belly is that there is only one small cloth covering on the chest, exposing the design of the belly.There are diverse types of underwear, and different design styles are suitable for different body shapes, personality and occasions.

Which people are suitable for?

Sex underwear small -chest bellybands are suitable for those girls who want to try more passionate, and they are also suitable for fashion women who want to enhance self -confidence and highlight their personality.Whether it is proportioned or slim -type women, you can try this modern sexy underwear, showing different charm.

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Different design styles

The design styles of sexy underwear small breast and bellybands are diverse, with sexy models, cute models, retro models and other styles, which can be selected according to occasions and personal preferences.For example, if you want to celebrate your birthday for your lover, a cute set of bear bellyband is a good choice; if you want to stand out on an enthusiastic party, the black red lips bellyband is a sexy choice.

Different styles

There are different styles of sexy underwear small chest and bellybands.There is a two -piece type similar to a bikini, and then the A -shaped oblique shoulder style that can be tightly attached to the body, as well as a vest -like shoulder strap style.In addition, there is also a vest, which can not only exercise the shoulder lines, but also very suitable for daily wear.

Accessories with full picture

In addition to the small breast bellyband, the sexy underwear brand also launched a lot of elegant and charming small accessories.These small accessories are usually composed of eye masks, handcuffs, hanging sticks, etc., which can create more exciting sex for couples.The bellyband and accessories are put together with the sense of picture, and all kinds of love atmosphere.

Selection of fabric material

When choosing a small chest and bellyband, you must choose the fabric carefully.Generally speaking, some common materials include lace, silk, environmental cotton and artificial silk.One thing to pay attention to here is that because sexy sleeping clothing is mainly to increase the charm of women. The edge of the wave -shaped edge and the lace edge is a common design, and the details determine the quality.

How to wear it?


When wearing this small -chest bellyband sexy underwear, it is usually paired with some simple items for wearing.For example, you can choose high -waisted tight jeans or short skirts, sandals or sneakers.When wearing a sexy underwear in the room, you can directly match the bed item-erotic bellyband.

How to maintain better?

Maintenance of sexy underwear small breast bellybands need to pay attention to some matters to extend their service life.First, try to wash and dry naturally when washing to avoid any damage or rupture.Secondly, avoid mixing with other fabrics as much as possible to avoid stains and damage. At the same time, you must carefully read the washing instructions of the clothes logo.

Be carefull

Interesting underwear small breast bellybands should pay attention to safety when designing to protect women’s health.Therefore, when buying, you must choose some sexy underwear with brand and word of mouth to avoid choosing products with poor quality, and to avoid choosing too cheap counterfeit and inferior products.


Interesting underwear small breast bellyband is a sexy pajamas, with a variety of styles, warmth, romantic, European and American vest styles half -waist, which looks quiet when matching with suit clothes. You can also match high heels such as black knight shoes.It’s very good to wear!