Sexy lingerie Jiaochuan glans

Sexy lingerie Jiaochuan glans

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a sexy, curious and enthusiastic underwear design, which aims to enhance the irritating and fun of the couple’s sexual experience.There are usually some special designs in erotic underwear, such as doll lining, lace, mesh or transparent fabric, or hidden open design, and so on.

What is the difference between Jiaochong glans underwear?

Jiaochong glans underwear is a special sexy underwear. The main point of its design is to highlight the curve of male reproductive organs and strengthen the sexy atmosphere of women.These underwear generally have some protruding designs to imitate the shape of a male penis.In addition, this underwear can also be embedded in some vibration equipment to give women more intense stimulation.

Type of Jiaochong glans underwear

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There are many different types of Jiaochong glans underwear. These types are generally closely related to the style and design of the underwear.Here are some common types of Jiaochong glans underwear:

1. Thick type: The design of this underwear is designed to thicken women’s chest and launch the nipples.

2. Fiece: This underwear is more common. Its design is a combination of hooks and ring to imitate the shape of the male glans.

3. Dynamic type: This underwear is usually equipped with a vibrator. When women wear it, they will feel strong sexual stimulation.

How to choose Jiaochong glans underwear

The correct choice of a Jiaochong glans underwear can help you get the best sex experience.Here are a few suggestions for choosing Jiaochong glans underwear:

1. Color: Choosing a charming color will make you look more sexy.

2. Material: Jiaochong glans underwear usually uses lace or mesh material. These materials can well highlight the curve of the female body.

3. Accessories: Some Jiaochong glans underwear will have some special accessories, such as built -in vibers, which can increase your sexual stimulus.

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How to match the Jiaochong glans underwear

Correctly paired with Jiaochuan glans underwear can bring the best sex experience.Here are some matching suggestions:

1. Fashion accessories: With some fashion earrings, necklaces or bracelets, you can make your appearance more sexy.

2. High -heeled shoes or boots: high heels or boots can enhance your physical posture and make your legs look longer.

3. Appropriate pantyhose: Choose tight pantyhose that is suitable for your skin color and body shape to make your body more slender and sexy.

The maintenance method of Jiaochong glans underwear

Maintain your Jiaochong glans underwear can extend its life span and make your sex experience more comfortable.Here are some maintenance suggestions:

1. Manual washing: Avoid machine washing, hand -washing can better protect the material of the underwear.

2. Natural drying: When drying underwear, avoid direct exposure and try to avoid using dryers.

3. Separate storage: Underwear should be stored separately to avoid combining with other clothes to affect its quality.

Suggestions for the use of Jiaochong glans underwear

Before using Jiaochong glans underwear, the following suggestions may be helpful to you:

1. Cleaning: Jiaochong glans underwear should be cleaned before use to avoid dry or not clean.

2. Sit straight: There are some small protrusions in this underwear design that takes some time to adapt.Try to sit straight to avoid sagging or uncomfortable.

3. Maintenance: Try to comply with maintenance suggestions, so that your Jiaochong glans underwear will keep in a good condition.

The market trend of Jiaochong glans underwear

At present, the sexy underwear market is getting bigger and bigger, and Jiaochong glans underwear is no exception.More and more women have begun to try this sexy underwear and get a pleasant experience.Therefore, the future market trend points to the demand for Jiaochuan glans underwear.


In short, Jiaochuan glans underwear is a kind of stunning sexy underwear. Its special design can enhance women’s sexy and bring a more exciting sex experience to couples.To choose the underwear that suits you and pay attention to the maintenance and use of underwear, it can extend its service life and obtain a more pleasant sex experience.