Sexy lingerie condom

Sexy lingerie condom

What is a sexy underwear condom?

Interest underwear contraceptive tools for the field of sexy underwear.It combines the design and condoms of sexy underwear, which has a beautiful and practical dual function.Compared with traditional condoms, sexy underwear condoms are more in line with modern people’s needs for sex and beauty, and have become the choice of many people.

Features of sexy lingerie condoms

1. Beauty: Fun underwear condoms generally use a variety of fashion designs and tricks, such as lace, embroidery, beads, etc., which can not only improve the image of the person, but also meet the special requirements of sex, so that people wear more wearing moreConfidence and beauty.

2. Fortality: Because sexy underwear condoms often use soft elastic materials as fabrics, wearing comfortable wearing, assisting in the suit with suitable size, which has a good fit for both men and women, so that the body can be better protected to protect the body., Avoid the occurrence of sexually transmitting diseases.

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The difference between sexy lingerie condoms and traditional condoms

1. Appearance: Traditional condoms are mainly sold in pharmacies or counters, so the appearance does not need to be too gorgeous and beautiful.The key to sexy underwear condoms is design, so the appearance is more attractive than traditional condoms.

2. Material: Fun underwear condoms often use soft materials, such as silk, lace, embroidery, etc., and feel better. It can better fit the body and make sexual life more harmonious and beautiful.

How to use sex underwear contraceptives

1. First choose the size and style that suits you to determine the face of the sleeve.

2. With the sexy underwear you want, put it on the condom to ensure that the elastic top and side are put on the sex organs, and then put the bottom through the ring -shaped small ring below it.

3. After use, quickly remove and knot it, and wash the condoms under the faucet.

Applicable crowd of sexy lingerie contraceptives

Sexy underwear condoms are suitable for feeling the process of sex in different ways and between husbands and wives, spouses, or lovers who seek to change.High privacy can better reflect the unique charm and intimacy between the two.

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The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear contraceptives

Advantages: Fun underwear contraceptives can increase sex, especially when you want to show no traces outside the room.At the same time, it can also help avoid infectious diseases and prevent accidental pregnancy.

Disadvantages: The price of sexy underwear condoms is more expensive than traditional condoms.And because the design of sexy underwear contrasts is special, it takes a certain amount of time to get used to how to use it.

Maintenance method of sexy underwear contraceptives

1. After use, remove it immediately, and cannot be reused.

2. Before storage, the sexy underwear condom should be washed in turn, and the ionic hot water should be soaked for about ten minutes. The longer the soaking time, the better, and then dry it.

3. Avoid rubbing with other clothes and avoid contact with chemicals.

How to choose a sexy lingerie condom that suits you

1. Select the right size and style according to your body shape and size.

2. Choose a soft and comfortable material to ensure that each use is more relaxed and comfortable.

3. Choose color and style to make yourself more confident and beautiful.

Falling underwear condom Price analysis

The price of sexy lingerie condoms is different, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.Generally speaking, the complexity of design and materials is the main factor affecting the price.Slightly expensive sexy lingerie condoms usually use high -quality materials, which are exquisitely handmade and can better take care of the needs of users.

Viewpoint: Sexy underwear condoms are one of the popular products in the current sex market

Sex underwear contraceptives are beautiful and practical, and the advantages are worthy of our try.Of course, everyone’s needs are different, and choices need to be made according to their actual situation.Generally speaking, sexy lingerie condoms may be one of the sex products you have not tried, but you should try.