Sexual underwear slot point explanation picture

Sexual underwear slot point explanation picture

1. Why choose sexy underwear?

Lingerie is a clothing, which aims to enhance the attractiveness and charm of women.This underwear enhances the sexy charm of women by showing the beautiful curve of women’s bodies.In addition, sexy underwear can improve women’s self -confidence and sexuality.Due to these unique properties, sexy underwear is favored by more and more women and men.

2. Sex underwear slot point: comfortable

Sex underwear needs to be comfortable and durable.High -quality sexy underwear should be made of soft, comfortable and wear -resistant materials, and it is also easy to maintain.In order to ensure that the underwear is pasted, it is necessary to clean it regularly, and pay attention to the details during use.

3. Quota underwear slot two: breathability

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Breath is an important symbol of the quality of sexy underwear.In hot weather, breathability is particularly important.The selection of sexy underwear materials should be breathable, and water and sweat can evaporate from the body surface.

4. Quota underwear slot point three: sexy level: sexy

Another important feature of sexy underwear is sexy.Conventional underwear is designed to facilitate daily wear, while sexy underwear is designed to enhance female sexy charm.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the design and material selection of clothing must be fully sexual.

5. Fun underwear slot point 4: rich style

In recent years, sexy underwear manufacturers have produced various shapes and styles of sexy underwear.The style of sexy underwear includes bra, underwear, suspender, super short skirt, model clothes, tights, pajamas and skirts, etc.

6. Sex underwear slot 5: Price

Interesting underwear is unique, but relative, its production cost is much higher than other underwear, so the price is relatively high.However, due to the relatively high price, many stores will reduce costs as much as possible.When choosing a sexy underwear, consumers need to pay special attention to prices in order to choose products that are consistent with quality and price.

7. Sex underwear slot point 6: Size matching

Each woman’s body is different, so it is important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear inch.Some women may need larger cups and wider shoulder straps, while some women need smaller size.The store needs to provide a large number of inch choices in sex underwear as much as possible to ensure that women can find the right size

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8. Fun underwear slot seven: sexy underwear quality

When choosing sexy underwear, in order to ensure quality, consumers are advised to choose big brands and reputable merchants.Consumers accept suggestions by reading reviews or viewing the quality of sexy underwear in the target store.

9. Sexy underwear slot eight: The main market

The main markets of sexy underwear include women and men.Women like sexy underwear because of their ability to enhance sexy charm.In addition, men have the quality and scope of use of affectionate underwear. They believe that sexy underwear is a means to improve the quality of sexual life.


Interest underwear represents the willingness and needs of women and men to pursue and express sex.Therefore, it is important to choose high -quality sexy underwear as much as possible for people who like sexy underwear.Carefully select and purchase suitable sexy underwear to help improve the sexy charm and sexual consciousness of women and men.