Sexual underwear beaded picture tutorial complete works

Sexual underwear beaded picture tutorial complete works

Sexual underwear beaded picture tutorial complete works

Interest underwear beads are a unique way of decorative. Usually use beads in key parts to increase visual effects, making underwear more sexy and charming.Today, we will learn the tutorials of sexy underwear beaded together and what we need to pay attention to.

1. Preparation tools and materials

To make sexy underwear beads, we need to prepare the corresponding tools and materials.The tools you need to use include cutting scissors, needle wires and bead needles.The materials include underwear, beads and ribbons.

2. Choose bead type

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Beads are one of the focus of sexy underwear beads, so you need to choose carefully.Beads can choose different types, colors, shapes and sizes to achieve different effects.But it should be noted that beads should be adapted to the color, style and theme of the underwear.

3. Choose beading methods

There are many ways to mess with underwear beads. Generally, there are direct sewing on the underwear, stringing after perforation, and sewing on the fabric and sewn it on the underwear.You need to choose the appropriate beading method according to the style and design of the underwear.

4. Formulate beading plan

Before the sexy underwear beaded, a beaded plan is required.Determine the number, color, arrangement method, etc. according to the style of the underwear and the parts that need to be beaded.

5. Preparation before sewing beads

Before starting sewing beads, the necessary preparations need to be prepared.For example, when the beading parts need to be performed, the edge of the underwear, the fabrics, and the contraction treatment of the underwear are required to make a clear mark on the fabric, fix the needle thread on the sewing part, and so on.These preparations are conducive to sewing beads in a suitable position.

6. How to sewn beads

The method of sewing beads can generally use beads, needles and some special materials such as supporting and sewing tape.Pay attention to the arrangement of the beads and the firmness of the stitching.The needle line should be strong enough to avoid unbearable pulling. The arrangement of beads is beautiful and neat, and the effect is better.


7. The effect of adjusting the sewing beads

After the sewing beads are completed, the effect of sexy underwear needs to be adjusted.This includes checking the arrangement of beads neatly, firm, and whether the color is coordinated with underwear.If necessary, remedy is needed.

8. Note

When making sexy underwear beads, you need to pay attention to some matters.For example, be sure to choose materials such as beads, underwear and other materials, and strictly follow the plan and choose the appropriate sewing beads.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to ensuring the firmness and safety of the beads, so as not to cause damage during the activity.

9. Other applications of sexy underwear beads

Interest underwear beads can be used not only for underwear, but also for various women’s clothing, accessories, etc.For example, you can string some beads on the hem of the skirt to increase the sense of fashion and gloss.

10. Conclusion

The above is the complete collection of fun underwear beaded tutorials, hoping to help enthusiasts.When making fun underwear beads, you must be careful, follow technical details and precautions, and create the best results.