Sex underwear outer packaging

Sex underwear outer packaging

Why is sexie -outer packaging packaging important?

The outer packaging of sexy underwear is one of the important factors that determine the willingness of consumers to buy. Good outer packaging can not only protect underwear, but also add a mystery and sexy atmosphere to the product, attract more attention and desire to buy.

What are the materials and design requirements for outer packaging?

Generally speaking, the outer packaging of sexy underwear should be high -quality materials, such as PP plastic, PET, and through relevant certification, such as SGS certification.The design of the outer packaging needs to highlight sexy, mysterious and nobleness. Black or red backgrounds can be used, and elements such as sequins and lace can be added.

What information should be on the packaging?

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Packaging should clearly indicate key information such as brand names, product models, materials, specifications, production date, etc. At the same time, it can be equipped with pictures and product use instructions such as sexy models.

How to control the size and weight of the packaging?

The size of the outer packaging of sex underwear should not be too large, otherwise it will bring inconvenience to consumers, and it will also increase the cost of logistics and storage. At the same time, the weight should be light and easy to carry.Therefore, when designing and producing outer packaging, accurate size and weight control is needed.

How to ensure the quality of packaging?

In order to ensure the quality of packaging, a complete and strict quality control system is required, including the quality testing of raw materials, the quality inspection of the production process, and the spot -sale packaging inspection.At the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the training and management of employees to improve the awareness of sanitation and product quality.

The impact of packaging on product prices?

Good outer packaging can enhance the value and quality of the product and increase the willingness and ability of consumers to buy. Therefore, when determining the price of the product, the cost of the outer packaging should be fully considered, but the reasonable outer packaging investment is also necessary.

How to solve the environmental protection problem of outer packaging?

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, the environmental protection issues of foreign packaging have also received more and more attention.Interesting underwear manufacturers can choose environmentally friendly materials, such as degradable paper, biodegradable materials, etc., and optimize the structure of the outer packaging, reduce the weight of the packaging and the amount of materials, and reduce the burden on the environment.

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Which is better in color boxes and shrinking bags?

Color boxes and bag shrinkage are common packaging forms of sexy underwear.The advantages of color boxes are beautiful and high -end appearance. The disadvantage is that it takes up space and is inconvenient to carry; the advantages of shrinking bags are light and easy to carry. The disadvantage is that the appearance and grade are not as good as the color box.Therefore, the specific selection can be determined according to the characteristics of the product and the needs of the target market.

How to design sexy underwear gift box packaging?

For sexy underwear gift box packaging, it is necessary to pay more attention to details and quality on the basis of the original design. For example, the size of high -end satin, the size of the outer box should be paved inside the box.Its elegant quality.


For sexy underwear manufacturers, the importance of good outer packaging is obvious.Outer packaging is not only an important means of product protection and display, but also can bring mysterious, sexy, noble and quality -sensitive atmosphere to sexy underwear, increasing consumer desire and ability to buy.Therefore, when designing and manufacturing sexy underwear, it is necessary to make meticulous, pay attention to details, and try to meet the needs and expectations of consumers, promote sales improvement and brand reputation.