Men’s sexy underwear comic map

Men’s sexy underwear comic map

The topic of sexy underwear is generally not concerned about women, and does men’s sex lingerie also have a market?The answer is yes.Here we will introduce some male sex lingerie, and some interesting comic pictures to help everyone better understand the market.

Thongs-sexy and avant-garde

The first male erotic underwear is Thongs.This male underwear is actually the male version of the lady G-String, commonly known as T-shaped underwear.It is very sexy, suitable for men who seek excitement.Moreover, Thongs is a type of underwear suitable for wearing various tights.The following is a Thongs sexy lingerie comic picture.

Boxer-comfortable and practical

Most men’s underwear belongs to this category, and Boxer Briefs is one of the common types.This underwear can provide sufficient support for men, while also comfortably wrapped the body.The following is a Boxer Brief erotic underwear comic picture.

Electric shock underwear-Different experiences

Electric underwear is still a relatively rare male sex lingerie in China. It can control the vibration of the underwear by remotely control the handle, thereby bringing a different experience.However, it should be noted that the use of electric shock underwear must be used according to the instructions to avoid affecting health.

Bra-men can also wear

Yes, you read it right.The bra is not only a female exclusive underwear, but also men can wear it.Men’s bra can improve different problems such as sagging and depression of men’s chest, so that the chest is more compact.The following is a men’s chest -folded lingerie comic drawing.

Mesh underwear-good breathability

If you have extremely high requirements for breathability, then this sexy underwear like Mesh Underwear is a reference choice.Compared to other types, this underwear is more breathable, and the right air exchange can make you feel more comfortable.The following is a Mesh Underwear sexy underwear comic picture.

Puzzle with socks = open crotch stockings

This erotic underwear blends male underwear with women’s open crotch stockings, named Nasic Pantana and socks.This underwear is equivalent to the creativity on the show, and it is suitable for some role -playing clothing.The following is a Male Pantyhose sexy underwear comic picture.

Men’s lace panties-uniqueness

If you want to wear a creative and unique sexy underwear, then men’s lace panties are a good choice. It replaces the traditional panties with a lace wire exclusive to women’s underwear, which is more sexy and charming.The following is a men’s lace panties.

Sexy briefs-unique shape

Sexy triangle is a very unique male sexy underwear. It follows the classic triangular design. It is more fashionable with a picky color and interesting pattern.The following is a sexy triangle -pants sexy lingerie comic picture.

Underwear puts-multiple experiences

Underwear is different from ordinary male underwear. It is a kind of sex tools set outside the existing underwear, which can bring multiple experiences to men.This sexy underwear has a strong sex tip, suitable for interesting purposes.The following is a panties panty -colored lingerie comic drawing.


Although the male sex lingerie market is not as large as the women’s sex lingerie market, the market demand still exists.I hope that this article can help everyone better understand men’s sexy underwear and choose one that suits them.However, you must pay attention to your own safety when wearing fun underwear, so as not to cause accidents.

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