Mall sex underwear picture Daquan

Mall sex underwear picture Daquan

Interest underwear has become a must -have equipment for modern women to enhance sexual desire in sex.Each piece of sexy underwear in the shop window is sexy and tempting, attracting customers’ attention.In this article, we will introduce you to the latest sexy lingerie styles in the mall.

1. Set

Interest underwear suits usually include tops and bottoms, sometimes equipped with camisole, gloves or lace stockings.They are like a reality show, showing women’s body curves and charm.The set is generally made of lace, silk and transparent materials, with decoration, lace and pearls.

2. Sexy bra

Sexy bras are an important part of sexy underwear and a necessity for showing beautiful chest lines.There are various sexy bras in the mall, including 3/4 cups, 1/2 cups, full cups and other models.Its fabric uses lace, silk, mesh, and transparent materials.

3. Bottom pants

Under pants are another necessary part of sexy underwear, with different types of underwear to choose from.The commonly used fabrics used in sexy underwear pants in the mall include lace, cotton and transparent materials. The design has low waist, restraint, open crotch and T type.

4. Floral Fun Underwear

Flowers are the latest creative hotspots of many sexy underwear designers.The erotic lingerie of the floral pattern is suitable for laziness that women wear at home. This underwear design usually uses soft fabrics, such as silk or cotton, with chiffon or lace fabric.

5. Pure black sexy underwear

Pure black sexy underwear is a traditional and classic design that makes women feel sexy and confident.Women can choose a variety of pure black sexy underwear from the mall, including lace, silk or transparent mesh.Black sexy underwear also has a visual weight loss effect.

6. Transparent hood cup sexy underwear

The transparent cup of sexy underwear is one of the typical underwear that makes women feel extremely sexy.This underwear is usually transparent, such as mesh, lace and silk.The transparent cup of sexy underwear can only enhance the sexy charm of women and does not provide support and protection.

7. The whole body network eye sexy underwear

The full -body network -eye sex underwear is usually made of lace, silk or transparent materials. It has a large area of mesh design and can show the curve of the entire body of the woman.This underwear is not suitable for daily wear, but it is suitable for wearing in fun moments.

8. Stomato sexy underwear

The bellyband is a unique erotic underwear design that can display women’s abdomen. Cushions wrapped in breasts on both sides are usually made of transparent materials or lace.Funny lingerie is regarded as ancient design, but it has been revived in modern underwear fashion.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is no longer just a traditional underwear design, and now it has become a necessary option for women to show self -confidence, sexy and charm.There are many different sexy lingerie styles in the mall, and each woman can find a choice that suits them.I hope our article can help you better understand the sexy underwear in the mall.

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