Interesting underwear Taobao Zhihu

Quality and size

With the development of the sexy underwear market, more and more consumers choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.However, consumers should pay attention to quality and size when choosing.Poor quality and sexy underwear are easily damaged, and unsuitable sizes can cause uncomfortable.Therefore, buyers should choose a good sexy underwear in the brand, understand their size and choose the right style according to their figure and preferences.

Style and type

Sex underwear is classified according to gender, style, materials, etc.When choosing, consumers can choose the style and type that suits them according to their needs.Common types of sexy underwear include daily, metal, leather and suspenders.Buyers can choose the right type according to their needs.

Sexy and comfortable

Sexy is the core element of sexy underwear, but comfort is also very important.Selecting sexy underwear with suitable sizes and soft materials can satisfy sexy and comfortable at the same time.Therefore, consumers should consider two aspects when choosing sexy underwear. Blindly pursuing sexy will cause discomfort and affect the wear experience.

Take care and maintenance

Many sexy underwear requires special cleaning methods and maintenance methods.Consumers should understand the materials and special requirements of love underwear before buying.Different materials require different cleaning methods and maintenance methods.For example, some erotic underwear needs to be cleaned with cold water, and the washing machine cannot be used. Others need to be cleaned with a cleaner and need to be sterilized.Understanding how to clean and maintain sexy underwear can extend the service life and keep it clean and sexy.

Brand recommendation

There are many sexy underwear brands on Taobao, but not all brands can ensure quality and comfort.When buying, it is recommended to buy sexy underwear of well -known brands, such as Anna’s skirts, JJ’s House, Victoria’s secrets, etc.

Trial experience

When shopping, pre -size selection is not necessarily correct.In Taobao and Zhihu, many merchants provide trial or return services, and consumers can choose according to their own needs to obtain a better shopping experience.


Different sexy underwear is not the same.The body and aesthetics of men and women are very different.Some brands are specially produced in sexy underwear for men and women.Therefore, consumers should choose exclusive sexy underwear according to their gender to meet personal needs.

The relationship between price and quality

On Taobao, the price of sexy underwear is different, but it is not always more expensive and better.Sometimes the quality of sexy underwear with high price is not good, and the quality of low -priced lingerie may exceed expectations.Therefore, when buying, we must not only consider the price, but also the reputation of quality and brand.

Personalized customization

Taobao’s personality customization provides consumers with more unique choices.Consumers can choose different materials, styles and color matching according to their needs, and add personalized decorative objects to make sexy underwear more personalized.


When choosing sexy underwear, consumers should consider various factors such as quality and size, sexy and comfort, brand and price.Recommended well -known brands, testing sizes, understanding the cleaning method and maintenance of love lingerie, and choosing exclusive gender and sexy underwear can make the shopping process more pleasant and get a better shopping experience.

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