How to wear a sexy container for my wife

How to wear a sexy container for my wife

How to wear a sexy container for my wife

Interest underwear is a good choice to increase the fun and sexual life of husband and wife.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can bring unexpected surprises and joy to the other party.However, for men who are unfamiliar with sexy underwear, how to wear a fun underwear for his wife is a difficult problem. The following will give suggestions from multiple aspects.

Choose the right sexy underwear

First, choose the right sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to the characteristics of the wife’s body, and consider the size, style, color and other aspects.If you choose inappropriate sexy underwear, your wife will feel uncomfortable and affect beauty.

Try to penetrate in person

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It is necessary to try it on to penetrate it by yourself.This helps understand the wearable experience and can better learn from some wearable skills.

Follow the order of wearable

When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the order of wearing, generally wearing underwear, then sexy underwear, and finally put on a coat.Also pay attention to the material and maintenance of sexy underwear to avoid the material that is not applicable or improperly maintained, which will cause the beauty of the underwear.

Respect the wishes of the other party

Wearing sexy underwear is a very privacy. Men must respect the wishes of women and ensure that women are willing to wear sexy underwear.If it is a surprise, the woman may be a little shy. At this time, men should give enough understanding and patience.

Let your wife put on a sexy underwear creatively

If you want your wife to put on a sexy underwear, you need some creative ways.You can watch movies, literary works, news surveys, write love letters, etc., and guide his wife to contact sexy underwear in multiple aspects, and express her views, so that she can feel your expectations and love.

Living love atmosphere

By igniting the love atmosphere, let his wife put on sexy underwear.You can arrange the items that ignite the fun at home, such as vases, candles, balloons, etc., and put easily and soothing music in the room, creating a strong atmosphere for the couple.


Show the attitude of appreciation

When the wife puts on a sexy underwear, she wants to show an appreciation attitude.Men can try their best to express their praise and appreciation, so that their wives can feel their beauty and charm.This can increase interest between husband and wife, but also enhance feelings.

Create a relaxed atmosphere

Putting on sex underwear is essentially a game and experience.In order to make the husband and wife feel a more relaxed atmosphere, you can make your wife feel that his interest underwear is a relaxed game through the funny words, the explanation of sex clothing, and the natural expression method.Tension and anxiety.


The sexy lingerie between husband and wife is a thing that enhances feelings, increase fun, and passion, but it is necessary to pay enough attention and patience for men.Choose a good erotic underwear, follow the order of wearables, respect the wishes of the woman, and brightly lighten the erotic atmosphere. I believe that your wife can put on a more enthusiastic and more beautiful sexy underwear.