Girlfriend buying sexy underwear for ex -boyfriend

Girlfriend buying sexy underwear for ex -boyfriend


Recently, my girlfriend told me a thing that shocked me. She bought a set of sexy and fun underwear, and then put on her ex -boyfriend to take a picture, which surprised him.

Why should she do this?

I asked her why spending money to buy sexy underwear for ex -boyfriend.She said that this was completely due to the motivation to keep in touch with her ex -boyfriend.

My reaction

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I felt very angry when I heard the words.I can’t accept my girlfriend will do this, let alone for her ex -boyfriend.I feel that she is insulting our relationship, making me feel unpleasant.


The core of this matter is actually trust.Even though I knew this was just a set of sexy underwear, my girlfriend made such a decision without asking my consent.


My girlfriend and I sat down and talked about it. I expressed my feelings to her and explained my trust in her.She realized that her behavior was problematic and promised not to do it anymore.


I told my girlfriend that we need to re -establish trust.She agreed to show me any sexy underwear she bought in the future, letting me know what the purpose was.This makes me feel that she pays more attention to our relationship and makes me more assured.

The view of sexy underwear

I believe that wearing erotic underwear is very fun, but it should also respect the other party’s feelings.If you want your lover to wear sexy underwear, you must get their clear consent, which is very important.Otherwise, this will only cause trust between you.


Views about keeping in touch

It can also be said that it can be said to have encountered a sensitive topic.To say a long time, you must ask yourself what the purpose of maintaining his predecessor.Will it hinder your current relationship?Do you just want to know their lives?

How to deal with time

If you want to re -establish contact with your ex -boyfriend or ex -girlfriend, then you need to think carefully and act carefully.The best way is to communicate with your current partner openly, clarify your relationship and expectations, and let them know why you want to keep in touch.


We all have our own errors and deviations, but trust is to be successfully realized under the premise that you understand your own needs and restrictions.It is not a bad thing to keep in touch with others, but if this behavior violates the trust you agreed, then this behavior is unacceptable.