Fun underwear flavor

Fun underwear flavor


Sex underwear is bought by many women to increase sexual interest, but after buying, many women find that sexy underwear will have a odor problem, which makes them feel troublesome.This article will discuss why sexy underwear arises and how to deal with this problem.

Why is the sexy underwear?

The material of sexy underwear is usually fiber such as chemical fiber and silk, which causes complex substances such as sweat and oil to stay in underwear.In addition, some seasoning sexy underwear will produce other similar chemical combinations due to adding alcohol, seasoning and other substances. These are one of the reasons for the taste of sexy underwear.

How to avoid sexy underwear flavor

First of all, choose high -quality erotic underwear materials, especially those sensitive to skin should pay more attention.Secondly, avoid the use of excessive shower gels, perfumes, lotion, etc. that remain on the underwear.Finally, avoid storing underwear in the exposure or humid environment.

How to deal with sexy underwear flavor 情

There are many ways to deal with sexy underwear flavor, including dry cleaning, hand washing, bathing, and stocent agent.Dry cleaning can remove the odor in the underwear, and you can control the processing method of underwear materials by hand.Bathing can be cleaned before underwear to reduce your body to reduce the oil secretion of the skin, and the odor can immediately remove the odor in the underwear.Of course, the best way is to use the adding durable sexy underwear as a one -time expenditure to ensure its neat hygiene.

How to wash the sexies correctly

The following points need to be paid attention to in sex underwear: first, classification and cleanup.Different types of erotic underwear materials and seasonings are different, and they need to be classified and cleaned.Second, warm water cleaning.Interest underwear should not be cleaned with overheated water and experimental detergent, because this will cause damage to the underwear material.Third, storage after drying.After washing, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. When storing, it should avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity factors that affect the state of underwear.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear

Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can not only enable yourself to achieve a better sex experience, but also reduce the generation of flavors.You should choose sexy underwear with good breathability, high comfort, and soft materials, and reduce the addition of aroma underwear.

How to judge whether sexy underwear has a prospect

Judging whether sexy underwear has the prospects mainly depends on its materials, design, and functions.If the material is high -quality, the design is unique, and the function is practical, it can become the choice of customers.

Status development status of foreign sex underwear markets

In foreign countries, the sex market market is very extensive, and sexy underwear is no exception.In the United States, Europe and other regions, the sexy underwear market has maintained a stable development. In 218, the international sex underwear market has reached 17.8 billion US dollars.

Existing problems in the domestic sex lingerie market

The development of the domestic sex lingerie market is slow. The reason for its reasons may be related to the traditional concepts, people’s trust in sexy underwear culture, brand and other factors.At the same time, due to the fierce competition in the domestic market, the growth of the domestic sex underwear market has also been restricted and restricted.

in conclusion

As an important sex product, sexy underwear has an increasingly increasing market demand, but it is a problem that plagues many consumers.In order to avoid the appearance of sexy lingerie, we need to choose high -quality materials, correct washing methods and underwear styles that are suitable for ourselves.In addition, in the fun underwear market, we need to choose authoritative brands and manufacturers to ensure our underwear quality and health.

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