Fun underwear European and American brand rankings

Fun underwear European and American brand rankings

Paragraph 1: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret, as one of the most famous sexy underwear brands, has a high popularity and market share worldwide.Its fashionable and sexy design style has attracted the love of many women and men.

Paragraph 2: Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a brand from Britain and is famous for its high -end sexy underwear.The brand is highly praised for its unique design style and exquisite handmade.

Paragraph 3: La Perla

La Perla is a fun underwear brand in Italy, founded in 1954.It has the excellence of details and tailor -made for women’s figure, so that the brand has a high quality reputation and customer loyalty.

Paragraph 4: CHANTELLE

French sex lingerie brand Chantelle has been committed to the design and production of women’s underwear since its establishment in 1949.It adheres to the use of high -quality materials to perfectly combine comfort and sexy.

Paragraph 5: Bluebella

Bluebella is a brand founded by female designers. Its style is fashionable, avant -garde, and sexy and comfortable.The brand’s underwear is designed with women’s feelings as the starting point, pursuing perfect tailoring and comfortable and personal effects.

Paragraph 6: L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

L’Agent By Agent Provocateur is a sub -line brand of Agent Provocateur, which provides high -quality sexy underwear at a more cheap price.The brand’s design style still has the sexy and luxurious sense of Agent Provocateur.

Paragraph 7: Wolford

Wolford is a Austrian brand that not only produces sexy underwear, but also makes products such as socks and body clothes.Its strict control over materials, tailoring and details make its underwear comfort and shaping effects very good.

Paragraph 8: Bordelle

Bordelle is a British sexy underwear brand, and its design style has a unique industrial style and retro sense.The brand often uses high -quality leather, embroidery and metal accessories. While showing sexy, it also shows the handmade artistic sense of underwear.

Paragraph 9: Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is a American actress and model famous for its sexy shape and dance.She founded her own brand Dita Von Teese. The brand’s sexy underwear is full of her personal style and characteristics, attracting a large number of fans’ pursuit.

Paragraph 10: Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a sexy underwear brand from Australia. It is known by the world in its sexy and romantic style.Its product line includes sexy underwear, bedding and toys, to provide customers with comprehensive services.


The above brands have their own characteristics and styles, which can meet the needs of different customers.When choosing a sexy underwear brand, it is best to make choices based on your preferences, needs and budgets to ensure that you can buy the product that suits you best.

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