Do I need a certificate for online shops to sell sexy underwear?

Do I need a certificate for online shops to sell sexy underwear?

Understand the requirements of love underwear documents

Online shop sales of sexy underwear are a very promising business, but many people worry that they need to get certain documents or maybe to start providing such products.This article will explore whether the online store sells for sex underwear and which documents need to be needed.

Demand for documents

In fact, online store sales of sexy underwear do not need to obtain any specific documents.Sex underwear does not require special approval as medical devices or drugs that need to follow FDA or other laws and regulations.

Adult products wholesale license

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However, if you intend to wholesale erotic underwear, you may need to obtain an wholesale permit for adult products.This usually needs to submit an application to the law enforcement agency where the state (or country) is located.

Business license and tax registration certificate

Of course, as an online store, you also need to obtain a business license and tax registration certificate, which is also the basic condition that it needs to have business in any industry.

Age restriction requirements

In addition, you need to pay attention to the sales object of sexy underwear.The age of the buyer should be an adult, which means that they are 18 years old or more, because sexy underwear is suitable for adult products that are suitable for adults.

About sex underwear packaging

In addition, you need to pay attention to whether the identification on the sexy underwear packaging is compliant.You need to pay special attention to ensure that there should not be any words or patterns that are contrary to public order and good customs such as obscene, obscenity, vulgar, and violence to ensure the compliance of the product and your online store.

Related Industry Association Member Certificate

If you want your online store to be more credible, it is also a choice to join the appropriate industry association and get the corresponding certificate.For example, the JoinBuyers selection system, it is mainly committed to supplier’s certification review and franchise marketing, becoming its membership represents your store’s excellent product quality, stable supply, and after -sales service.

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About marketing

Stores with high -quality products and services, marketing is also a very important part.You need to strengthen your online store functions, such as search engine optimization, website ranking, word -of -mouth management, etc., so as to attract more potential customers.

After -sales service

Interest underwear is a very sensitive product. If the guests encounter any problems, good after -sales service can undoubtedly bring you a good customer reputation, thereby promoting sales.

client feedback

You can get more information from customer feedback. Customer satisfaction and understanding are critical, because in your after -sales service, you will continue to contact customers and sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In summary, if you are just an ordinary online store selling sexy underwear, then you don’t need to get any special documents or Xu.However, compliance and goodwill are very important for establishing your brand. It is necessary to ensure that your operation is legal, and customers have a sense of trust and praise for your shop.