Beauty wearing sexy underwear is tied up in a story

Beauty is tied to a story background

In the summer afternoon, there is a flavor of fireworks in the hot air.This is a small city. In the sparse and idle streets, a beauty wearing lace sexy underwear was abducted by an unknown person.This is a thriller and exciting story. Next, please follow the pace of Xiaobian to explore the truth of the story tied up.

The reason why the beauty is tied

In the survey, we found the reasons for being tied by beauties.It turned out that the beauty was a sexy underwear designer. She independently designed a variety of sexy lingerie styles, which is very popular.At this time, a sexy underwear dealer with a power of power learned about her news and started to kidnap her.

What happened after the beauty was tied

After day and night’s hard work, the beauty finally escaped.She hugged her dreams, holding all the courage and beliefs, and left the place where she was kidnapped at a dark night.When recalling this experience, the beauty recalled: "It feels like waking up from a nightmare. I feel that I can’t speak, as if everything is too unreal."

Ap for Beauty being tied to the story

This story tells us that we cannot predict and protect ourselves for kidnapping and abuse.As for security issues, we must always be vigilant and do our best to prevent ourselves and others from danger.

How to prevent being tied up

To stay away from kidnapping, we should start with usual self -protection and formulate safety measures for independent behaviors.For example, constantly reporting to others during the operation, so that people around them can always restrain their safety.In addition, do not over -trust someone casually. When you encounter suspicious situations, you must be able to call the police and seek help in a timely manner.

How to escape in tearing

If we are in crisis, what measures should we take at a critical moment?If the kidnappers show up directly, try to remember their appearance and characteristics as much as possible, and inform the people around them and call the police in time.If you are in the darkness, you should quickly balance your body, look for the foothold, and use your feet to hit the lower body of his kidnapper with your feet.In this way, we can increase the probability of success.

Seek helping ways

Once we are tied, how do we ask for help?If we are struggling and have no help, we can try to make the behavior alone unable to do smoothly, so that good -hearted people can observe and rescue.At the same time, we can try to call out signals such as SOS with our mouths, or other attractive languages. This may attract the attention of people passing by and receive help.

Facing the response of violent abduction

If the kidnapper is based on violent threats, the method of "direct counterattack" is more effective.For this situation, we can try to use simple self -defense skills, such as cracking on hands, stepping on our opponents, etc., and the greater the movement, because this will attract more help.And these techniques require us to understand and use timely use in time, and do not panic in emergency situations.

The rules that must be followed

It should be noted that cracking opponents is just a means of self -protection, but it cannot be our preferred plan.In all cases, we should try to abide by relevant laws and regulations to avoid possible self -searching.

How to use relevant means to protect

Finally, we have to talk about how to use relevant methods for protection.Here, I strongly recommend that the people of the general public enhance their awareness of self -protection, improve the level of safety, and always look at my own safety hazards, and listen to the recommendations and guidance of relevant departments and professionals on safety plans and prevention methods.

Experience drawn from the story of a beauty being tied up

In the story tied by beautiful women, we can see that independent women are facing the danger and injustice of independent women, and we need our courage, persistence, and beliefs to penetrate the visible goal direction.If we can always maintain their sense of independence at all times and keep knowledge and try to protect ourselves in various ways, we can stand in an invincible place in a weak and strong society.


The above is the entire content of the story about the story of the beauty underwear by the editor.I hope that you can learn some self -protection knowledge and skills from it to improve your own safety level.At the same time, we must also call on the society to defend women’s rights and interests, maintain social fairness and equal equal, and let us build a harmonious and safe world together.

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