Balcony erotic underwear picture novel novel

Balcony erotic underwear picture novel novel

Sexy underwear on the balcony

In the summer night, the cool night breeze blows slowly. Many people like to sit on the balcony to enjoy such coolness.On this night, a couple also sat on the balcony, and their eyes were full of passion and desire.At this time, his girlfriend reached out to get the classic explosive sexy underwear. When she saw these underwear, her boyfriend suddenly felt that the desire in the body began to sublimate.

Stockings sexy underwear

The first underwear is the sexy lingerie of stockings.This underwear is often used to create a romantic atmosphere in bed.Women put on this underwear can make men feel very excited.The design of stockings sexy underwear is very sexy, and the material is very comfortable, which can make women show a charming figure and attract more eyes.

Open Crown Sex Place

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The second underwear is open crotch sex underwear.The design of this underwear is very special because she dares to bring unusual experience to women.She usually leaves a opening at the bottom of her, and some open crotch underwear can even show more sexy to the camera.

Lace sexy underwear

The third underwear is lace sexy underwear.The design of lace is very elegant, and women wear this underwear, which will be more attractive.At the same time, this underwear is also very comfortable, and it will not have a sense of burden on it.Therefore, many women like to wear this underwear, which makes people feel gentle and charming.

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The fourth underwear is lace -loaded lingerie.The characteristic of this underwear is that the bottom and chest will be added with hollow design to make the body curve more obvious and more sexy.The texture of lace also made women look very charming, making people suddenly fall into her charm.

Silk sexy underwear

The fifth underwear is silk sex underwear.The material of this underwear is very special, very smooth and breathable.Women put on this underwear and can feel a different feeling.At the same time, the characteristics of silk also make women look more elegant and moving.

Blue sexy underwear

The sixth underwear is blue sex underwear.The blue design usually makes people feel fresh and quiet.Moreover, this color can also bring a calm atmosphere.Wearing this underwear can give people a comfortable experience of love, making people feel very relaxed and happy.

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Red color sexy underwear

The seventh underwear is red and sexy underwear.In sexy underwear, red can be said to be the most common and classic color.This color can give people a warm and fierce feeling, which makes people’s heartbeat accelerate.If you want to get a stronger erotic experience at night, choosing red color sex underwear is a good choice.

Black color sexy underwear

The eighth underwear is black sex underwear.Black has always been very stylish and temperamental colors.Putting on black and sexy underwear, both men and women can show a cool personality.Moreover, black sexy underwear is also a very sexy style, which can emit a mysterious atmosphere after putting on.

Gathering sexy underwear

The ninth underwear is a gathering of sexy underwear.The design of this underwear is very unique. The front chest will increase the cell sponge and use 3D weaving technology, making the underwear look more full.Moreover, this underwear can gather the chest, make the figure more attractive, and let you show a more confident charm in the sex experience.

Perfecting sexy underwear

The 10th underwear is perspective sexy underwear.The perspective design is the most imaginative.This sexy underwear deliberately leaves a cat’s eye on a certain part, allowing people to see more sexy.You can feel an unprecedented sexy experience when wearing this underwear.


Each of the sexy underwear on the balcony has its own unique style and characteristics.The classic explosive sexy underwear can not only successfully capture the heart of men in bed, but also make women more confident and attractive.No matter which one you choose, remember to keep confidence and curiosity and explore more sexual pleasure with your partner.