American DG sex lingerie brand

Background introduction

The American DG sex lingerie brand was founded in 1991. It has a history of 30 years. It is a well -known brand that specializes in providing women with various quality and sexy sexy lingerie.The concept of DG sex lingerie brand is to make women more confident. Their design concept is to combine European fashion elements with sexy elements in the United States.

brand speciality

DG sex lingerie brand pays attention to the design and quality of underwear, which not only brings comfortable wearing feelings to customers, but also makes people look bright in appearance and sexy.Its product line includes a variety of erotic underwear, such as lace clothes, bras and bottom pants, as well as sexy pajamas, stockings, body -shaping clothes, adult toys, etc.This makes DG sexy underwear brands very competitive in the market.

design concept

The design concept of the DG sex lingerie brand is not only to bring a beautiful and sexy feeling for women, but also pursue to let women release their inner power, and face life with a more confident attitude.In terms of design, DG sex lingerie brands are good at using various fancy lace, three -dimensional tailoring, adjustable coasters and other methods.Contour.

Product Series

The product category is all important core competitiveness of DG sexy underwear. Their product line is mainly bras, stockings, lace fitted dresses, sexy underwear, bodywear underwear, etc., which can meet the consumer needs of women in different ages. At the same time, DG sex underwear is inThe details are also very delicate, such as color matching matching, workmanship, etc. can reach the extreme.

Clothing design style

DG sexy underwear advocates sexy and charming design style, and also takes into account fashion trends and comfortable sleep, so that women can feel warmth and beauty in their sleep.Brand clothing advocates bright colors without losing gorgeousness, focusing on details.

Marketing strategy

The brand marketing strategy adopts a diversified model. In addition to opening the image characteristic pavilions in major stores, it also continuously promotes the exhibitions of various festivals and adults, increasing brand exposure, so that more women understand, cognition and cognition andChoose its underwear products.

Consumer research

For different types of consumers, DG sex lingerie through investigation and research, in -depth understanding of consumer preferences and needs, and strengthening its market competitiveness.The brand focuses on consumer quality, services and feelings to meet the needs of consumers.

Brand influence

The influence of DG sex lingerie brands in the global market is increasing. Its sexy and stylish underwear design is impressive, and has attracted more and more underwear enthusiasts.The brand has become one of the representative brands of fashion sexy underwear.

Brand development strategy

In order to maintain market competitiveness and industry leading position, DG sex lingerie has continuously strengthened brand planning, continuously promoted new consumer groups, increased brand exposure, increase product lines, shorten product update time, and continuously improve brand product quality.The continuous improvement of the brand development strategy provides motivation for the rapid development of DG underwear.


In short, the excellent quality, fashionable and sexy underwear design, diverse product lines, excellent brand reputation, and diversified marketing strategies of DG sexy underwear brands have made it a representative brand of the global sexy underwear industry, and bringing female customers to bringCome to fashion, beautiful, and comfortable dressing and self -confidence, while constantly breaking through themselves, and firmly marching to global leading brands.

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