2015 Victoria’s Secrets Instead Underwear Embroidery

2015 Victoria's Secrets Instead Underwear Embroidery

2015 Victoria’s Secrets Instead Underwear Embroidery

brand history

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most famous sexy underwear brands, and its sexy, noble and fashionable brand image is sought after by many women.And the annual Victoria’s Secret Show is the focus of attention in the fashion circle around the world.In 2015, Victorian’s sexy lingerie embroidery was a highlight.


In 2015, the theme of Vitamin’s sexy underwear embroidery is elegant, romantic, gorgeous, and sexy. It is made of various embroidery technology, including handmade embroidery, machine embroidery, 3D flowers embroidery, large -scale transparent embroidery, etc.Female charm.

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Transparent mesh

The design of Victoria’s sexy underwear is also more diverse. A large number of transparent mesh is adopted, and the exposed parts are even more naked.The transparent mesh can also fully show the female body curve, produce sexy and mysterious effects, and make women more confident and charming.

Comfortable material

In addition to the sexy appearance, the comfort of Victoria’s sexy underwear is also the focus of the brand.The brand’s comfortable fabric and design allows women to feel the most comfortable touch in the process of dressing, not only to make underwear more suitable for daily wear, but also give women the perfect support at all times.

Diversified color scheme

The color of Victoria’s sexy underwear is also more diversified, including black, red, white, pink, blue, etc.The brand integrates sexy, noble and fashionable, and the matching matching match is extremely quality.

Propaganda effect

In 2015, the sexy lingerie embroidery of Victoria’s Secret Show has received widespread attention and has become a topic of talked about the global fashion circle.Through various propaganda methods, as well as creative advertising and cool Victoria’s Secret Show, it has created a sexy and noble brand image and enhanced the brand’s popularity and reputation.

Caring for women

Nipple Tassels

The brand positioning of Victoria’s Secrets Loves is to create the most beautiful self for women. It is precisely because of this kind of care for women that the brand can successfully win the favor of women.Under the shaping of the Victoria’s Brand, not only the female body becomes more charming and sexy, but also makes women find the most beautiful self in confidence and freedom.


The success of Victoria’s sexy underwear also benefits from its international brand strategy. Through the global business model, the brand has moved to the international market and won the favor of more consumers.


Victoria’s Underwear’s embroidery design in 2015 is not only more gorgeous and sexy, but also pays more attention to comfort.The brand diversified color matching and the design of transparent mesh have increased the charming temperament of women.The successful brands such as Victoria’s Lingerie will continue to innovate, bringing more beautiful surprises to women.