Sunday, January 3, 2021

Great Reset: Are Governments and Politicians no Longer Competent to Run a Sound Money Standard

With Western elites seeking to use the Covid Pandemic as a means to institute their grand plan of a globalist hegemony, a war has emerged that very few even recognize, and even fewer understand.  It is a war over the next standard of exchange in the wake of the dying dollar.

Since the 1990s when central banks in Europe and America began to take over large swaths of the financial system, all semblance of rationality and fiscal prudence have been completely washed away.  And in less than 30 years since former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan began to set forth policies of interest rate manipulation in order to avoid recessions and stock market declines at all costs, the foundations of the Western financial system have reached a point where anything they do is sustainable.

1.  US National Debt at $27.6 trillion while total unfunded liabilities sit at $138 trillion

2.  US Debt to GDP at end of 2020 is at 132.67%  ($27.6t / $20.8t)

3.  Total Global Debt to GDP at end of 2020 is at 314.77% ($277t / $88t)

4.  Four major US states are completely bankrupt

     a.  California  b.  Michigan  c.  Illinois  d.  New York

5.  Europe is also on the cusp of sovereign bankruptcies

And we could go on...

The point here is that all the talk of a Great Reset being implemented is being done by the same incapable and incompetent politicians and financiers who created the problems to begin with.  Thus whatever type of financial system they desire to institute will inevitably fail the same way this current one has.

But what might that financial system be?  And perhaps just as important, what type of monetary system would they feel needed to be implemented to carry out their grand schemes?

In the past century, the world attempted to function off of a Gold Standard, but in less than three decades it was scrapped for a system by which nation's could create as much currency as they wanted simply by fiat decree.  And in fact throughout history, nearly all empires who functioned under a gold standard eventually destroyed their economies due to greed, war, or a myriad of other reasons that led to the need to devalue their money.

For all intents and purposes, the Gold Standard doesn't work because the ability of men and governments to live within their means is nearly impossible.

So what is left?  Many are now arguing that decentralized cryptocurrencies are the answer, but they too are subject to fraud, manipulation, and actions by men as to how they would be used and integrated into both local and global economies.

The whole point of cryptocurrencies is that they’re decentralized. Peer-to-peer cash; trustless exchange; bypassing intermediaries. So why are numerous cryptocurrencies structured more like central banks? From adjusting wallet balances to controlling nodes, many crypto projects behave just like the financial institutions they were meant to replace. Throw in the cult of a strong leader, and there’s little to differentiate some altcoins from the Paypals and Visas of the world. –

Then of course there is the drive by central banks around the world to create their own sovereign digital or 'cryptocurrencies' to replace cash.  However, due to the fact that the majority of these central banks have destroyed not only the value of their own currencies, but also the value of credit (negative interest rates), all a digital currency would do would be to restrict money velocity even more than it already has been via financialization.

In all likelihood the answer lies in separating local and sovereign economies through the use of a local form of sound money (Primarily silver), and an international currency (Likely digital).  Additionally, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum could be used in a similar fashion as Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal, meaning they could act primarily as an alternative payment where the blockchain replaces antiquated systems like SWIFT.

If there is one thing that cryptocurrency evangelists have right, it is that economies work best when they are fully segregated to their own spheres of influence.  And rather than expect The Powers That Be to succeed by centralizing everything under one global hegemony when they have already proven to be incompetent in running the current system, the most beneficial system of all will be one where people continue to have control over their own economic lives, and focus more within the sanctity of their own local regions.


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