Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Biden channels his inner FDR by looking to pack the Courts in order to push through his Progressive Agenda

 As the old saying goes, history doesn't repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.  And not even 10 days into his Presidency, Joe Biden is looking to repeat the failures of another Democratic Executive from 75 years ago as he begins seeking ways to pack the Supreme Court in order to be allowed to push through his unconstitutional Progressive agenda.

The Biden administration is moving forward on the creation of a 'bipartisan' commission which will study potential reforms to the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary, - Zerohedge

In less than a week in office, President Biden has signed more Executive Orders than any other Executive in history by far in this short duration.  And many pundits feel that several will be quickly challenged in court, especially ones concerning immigration, gun control, and forced minimum wage hikes.

For nearly 50 years, liberals had control over the Supreme Court, as well as most Appellate and District courts in the country and were able to force through many laws and rulings that were in opposition to the beliefs of the majority of Americans.  And when this finally changed under President Trump's term in office, liberals now seem to be unable to function without having absolute control over the power to legislate as they see fit, and thus we are once again confronted with the nation having a petulant child in the Oval Office who feels he should be allowed to change the rules of the game when he doesn't get his way.


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