Monday, November 5, 2018

Tron was the biggest cryptocurrency winner for October, Bitcoin remained stable, and Ethereum and Ripple were big losers

October saw a continuation of lower volatility in the cryptocurrency markets as volume remained mired at around half of what it was just a few months ago.  And when it came to winners and losers for the month, one crypto stood out while several that had already been on the path of decline continued to fall.

October cryptocurrency Winners:

We’re calling Tron one of the crypto winners for October because TRX ended the month where it started at $0.222 making it the first altcoin in the chart not to have lost ground.
Maker also made it through the tumultuous month with a 21% climb from $495 to around $600 at the end of October. Bitcoin Gold survived with no losses beginning and ending the month at $26. 0x also made gains during the month ending it 17% higher at $0.767 from $0.654 at the beginning. - News BTC

October cryptocurrency Losers:
Ethereum has lost 15% during October, starting out at $232 and ending at $197. It is ETH’s lowest levels since July 2017 and no recovery looks to be coming just yet. Market capitalization is around the $20 billion mark with the world’s second largest cryptocurrency having lost almost $4 billion last month. 
XRP has shown some promise in recent weeks but that could not stop the overall loss of 25% from Ripple’s native token. XRP ended the month at $0.44 after starting October very close to $0.60. 
Bitcoin Cash has also been bashed during October with a 21% decline from $534 to $422. And EOS, rounding out the top five, has not escaped the bears either. A 10% slide saw EOS fall from $5.78 to $5.20 during the month
Other losers included:  Stellar, Tether, and Iota

Yet despite the continued decline in overall market cap and trading volume within the cryptocurrency sector, Bitcoin remained stable throughout October, and in fact began trading in a series of ranges that often spread between just $100 where in the past that spread would have encompassed over $1000 from high to low.


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