Thursday, July 26, 2018

The most important thing people missed from yesterday's trade agreement with the EU is that Trump's end goal is elimination of all tariffs

Politics and geo-politics are anything if not ironic.  And we saw this play out again yesterday following the positive outcome and remarks made between the EU's Jean-Claude Junker and President Trump after three hours of trade talks.

Heading into yesterday's discussions, both the U.S. and the European Union were prepared to immediately institute tariffs on automobile exports as analysts and pundits continued to ignorantly promote a trade war scenario as a means to try to vilify the President.  However the reality that appears to have been overlooked by the mainstream propaganda media is that from the beginning, Trump's end goal has always been the elimination of all tariffs, not the implementation of them.

The EU and US also agreed to launch new negotiations aimed at defusing rising transatlantic trade tensions: the two leaders said they had agreed to work together towards eliminating all tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies related to non-auto industrial goods. They also said they would work together to reform the World Trade Organization and reduce trading costs and regulatory barriers across the Atlantic.- Zerohedge
The U.S. doesn't export a great deal anymore, but what they do send overseas in search of markets is often vastly superior to what most other nations have as an equivalent.  And you can see this especially in Europe where companies trying to compete with the Microsoft's, Google's, and Facebook's have to run to Brussels demanding intervention which often results in extraordinary fines, or expectations that these U.S. companies will willingly either give up or open up their Intellectual Property.

The reality is that the EU, Japan, China, Mexico, China, and most other nations have for year put tariffs or 'fees' on U.S. goods being imported into their countries or regions.  And with U.S. politicians having long ago been bought and paid for by the corporations, the result has been that they have done little or nothing about these unfair practices.  However now that there is someone in the White House not beholden to the globalists or corporations, and who is more than willing to see the global financial and trade systems feel a bit of pain in order to force change, very few are seeing that Trump's end goal is not simply that of 'protectionism', but in the elimination of all trade barriers period.
Many observers wrongly confuse Trump’s retaliatory tariffs with his objective, which is the elimination of all trade duties. His trade sanctions against Canada, although blunt and costly instruments, are conducted regrettably and in response to barriers and manipulation across the border. – Epoch Times


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