Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Suddenly, both the courts and the government are protecting 2nd amendment rights for all Americans

In just the past few days, two rulings came down regarding the right of the people to not only own a firearm, but also in how they can use it.

The first was a settlement by the State Department and DOJ regarding a programmer and gun enthusiast who published free plans online for the making of an AR-15 using a 3-D printer.  And in the settlement the government even went as far as stating that AR-15's are not considered 'military grade' weapons.

On July 10, 2018, Breitbart News reported that the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) brought a suit against the State Department on Wilson’s behalf. The suit was filed in 2015 and was the result of State Department action to force Wilson to quit sharing 3-D gun files online. 
Wilson and SAF fought the suit on First Amendment grounds and secured a settlement with the State Department and the Department of Justice, the latter of which finalizes the settlement. 
The amended regulations proposed in the settlement show the government will no longer look at semi-automatic firearms below .50 caliber as “military equipment” or weapons of war. - Breitbart
The second positive ruling for 2nd Amendment advocates came from the 9th circuit court of appeals, which ruled on July 24 that states cannot ban eligible citizens from carrying their firearms 'open carry' outside their homes, and anywhere permissible for self-defense purposes.
A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit has just ruled that the right to openly carry a firearm for the purpose of self-defense is a protected activity under the Second Amendment. The case is  
Young vs. Hawaii and the lawsuit challenges a Hawaii law, which says A concealed carry or open carry permit is only issued once you’ve convinced the local police chief that you are engaged in an activity “[w]here the urgency or the need has been sufficiently indicated” and the applicant “is engaged in the protection of life and property.” – Silver Doctors
Now we just need these same courts to overturn so many other unconstitutional laws put in place over the years that are in violation of the Bill of Rights... such as prosecuting so-called 'hate speech', affirmative action preferences, and of course, the Patriot Act.


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