Thursday, July 19, 2018

Original preppers: Russia evades Fed confiscation of their gold by losing it in a 'boating accident'

While the title of this article is meant to be tongue in cheek, there are numerous anecdotes that can be gleaned within it following the recent discovery of a Russian vessel that is believed to have sunk carrying an estimated $133 billion in gold during the 1905 Japanese-Russo War.

In a recent interview with Reluctant Preppers, Dr. Jim Willie dropped a bombshell comment where he claimed that one of the primary reasons for the killing of the Romanov family following their ouster by the Bolshevik's in 1918 was so that the City of London/Rothschilds could use the Russian gold stored in their vaults to help fund the Federal Reserve.

Who was the wealthiest man on earth in 1905? Tsar Nicholas Romanov. His brother, King George of England, decided to kill him and steal his gold, take the bulk of it and move it to New York and start the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve's foundation gold is stolen Russian gold. Do you see why the Rothschilds want to keep Russia at bay? - Perpetual Assets

According to documents from the time of the sinking of the Dmitrii Donskoi, the value of the lost gold today would bring a price of nearly $133 billion.
According to the Telegraph, the Dmitrii Donskoi was carrying the fleet’s funds and went down with 5,500 boxes containing gold bars as well as a separate haul of 200 tons of gold coins. The gold was being stored in the ship's holds to stop the Japanese seizing it. Shinil Group estimates the gold would have a total value today of just over $130 billion. 
The ship then disappeared for over a century, however it now appears its remains may have been found. - Zerohedge
Inevitably, should the reclamation of this vessel actually recover even a modicum of the gold the ship was supposed to be carrying, it may seem ironic but the 'unforseen' use of the prepper term 'lost my gold in a boating accident' could prove beneficial for Russia as it would mean a return of a national treasure that was kept out of the hands of the banksters when they funded the overthrow of the government primarily to steal the gold held by the ruling family.


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