Friday, July 27, 2018

Newest Bernie Sanders scheme is to abolish bail for criminals because its racist

Perhaps in an attempt to regain the spotlight from the Democratic Party's newest Socialist celebrity, Senator Bernie Sanders is back with his newest scheme to condone crime and violence by calling bail requirements racist.

The US practice of money bail amounts to racist debtor prisons, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is arguing. He has proposed a bill that would end cash bail in federal jails and put pressure on states to abolish it as well. 
Requiring those arrested to post money bail as a guarantee of their appearance in court, or remain locked up before their trial, amounts to criminalizing poverty and is racist because it disproportionately affects minorities, Sanders wrote in the article published by NBC News on Friday. 
On Wednesday, the self-described democratic socialist introduced the No Money Bail Act, which would abolish the use of cash bail in federal courts. If states choose not to follow suit, the law would “revoke certain federal criminal justice funds the state currently receives,” Sanders wrote. Congressman Ted Lieu (D-California) has introduced a similar bill in the House of Representatives. – Russia Today
While Google does a great job in making it difficult to find annual statistics on the number of Americans who skip bail or don't show up for their hearings, over in the UK it is estimated that upwards of 70,000 each year fail to appear after posting bail to get out of lockup.

The problem as always is not whether bail obligations hurt minorities more than they do everyone else, it is that the U.S. has too many laws that cost the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars each year to arrest, try, and convict individuals for victimless crimes.  But for those who are arrested for felonies that do affect the lives and property of people other than themselves, the real solution is simply not to commit the crime at all.


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