Sunday, July 29, 2018

Blockchain company wants to create network of holistic health centers which will accept cryptocurreny payments

Since primary retailers have yet to fully by into cryptocurrencies as a real medium of exchange, it is likely that the catalyst for this will come from companies that create their own goods and services businesses from the ground floor.  And perhaps this may begin with a Blockchain company called Bitvit, which is seeking to create a network of holistic health centers that will accept cryptocurrency payments.

Although life expectancies around the world are soaring, BitVit argues that many of these extra years are dominated by sickness for too many years. Research cited in its white paper suggests German women can currently expect to live until they are 83, but only 72 of those years will be in good health. For men the average lifespan is 78 years, with nine of them blighted by sickness. 
BitVit hopes to offer a “holistic solution” which would involve creating an intellectual exchange among industry experts and scientists, with their expertise then being shared with the public. It is hoped that future generations will be “more knowledgeable and healthier as a result.” 
At the heart of its concept will be Yllasports centers. As well as being able to rent sports equipment such as bicycles and receive training from former professional athletes, the company plans to offer an array of activities at these centers including yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cardiovascular training and specialist lessons for seniors. 
There would also be an emphasis on nutrition, allowing customers to engage with cooking classes, counseling and weight loss challenges. Meanwhile, nutrition plans would be devised which help the public to alleviate skin conditions, improve heart health, lower blood pressure and improve their mental wellbeing. 
BitVit envisages that all of these goods and services would be paid for using a specially created cryptocurrency known as the BitVit Coin. This payment method would be accepted at every sports center – with customers receiving bonus coins and discounts whenever a transaction is successfully completed. - Cointelegraph
With healthcare costs in the West soaring multiple times the rate of inflation, tens of billions of dollars are being spent each year on alternative and preventative means of ensuring one's health and well being.  And since this is especially true for the millennial generation, who are putting in a conscious effort to eat more healthy and spurn traditional healthcare options, the melding of cryptocurrencies and alternative healthcare may find a foothold especially in this younger demographic.


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