Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Are Trump's Trade Wars truly aimed at China and Europe, or are they really being instituted to kill the globalists and central bankers

The North Korea gambit provided us with a very acute insight to how President Trump operates.  On one hand he publicly insulted and vilified North Korea and their leader Kim Jung-Un, but behind the scenes he proved that this was all just Kabuki Theater for the masses since he was not only able to achieve what the last few Presidents could not in formulating a denuclearization of the peninsula, but also in potentially ending a war that had been ongoing for almost 70 years.

So with this in mind we must look well below the surface when it comes to the Trade War that President Trump has initiated across the globe, and try to determine whether his motives are truly directed at China and the European continent, or if they are really focused towards destroying the central banker dream of achieving globalism and a new world order.

Since his election campaign, President Trump has been promoting the fact that he wants the U.S. to work as partners with Russia and China, and as mentioned recently, only as competitors rather than as adversaries.  And in response to this the Deep State has initiated a commission to attempt to keep Russia vilified using the guise of election tampering, and Congress has even gone as far as forcing Trump to continue with economic sanctions.

However as the President prepares for a summit with Vladimir Putin early next week, expectations are for this to be much more than a PR stunt.  And if what took place between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea are any indication, then agreements have already been put in place regarding Syria, NATO, and economic sanctions where all that remains is the handshakes, photo ops, and signing of said accords.

Likewise we must look deeply at the Trade War Trump has instigated with Canada, Mexico, the EU, and China and see if this too is simply a smoke screen for something much greater.

Since President Trump began his quest to strike down the current global trade system, first by backing out of TPP and then calling for a renegotiation of NAFTA, dominoes have begun falling all over the world, including on the political end in places like Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK.  In fact since snubbing world leaders during the recent G-7 meeting, political power in Britain and Germany has come under crisis, with Chancellor Merkel on the precipice of a vote of No Confidence, and Prime Minister May seeing several cabinet members bail out on her following last weekend's failure to come to a Brexit consensus.

Interestingly as well is the fact that many central banks over the past month or two are suddenly speaking out on the potential of a global recession.  And this appears to be completely in tune with them now attempting to scapegoat Trump to hide the fact that it has been their policies over the past eight years that have brought the world to the brink of collapse.

In public (on Twitter) it may appear that the President is little more than a buffoon, even going as far as insulting enemy and ally alike to stir up the pot.  But the reality is that Trump is an incredibly shrewd and clever negotiator, and knows that for the U.S. to survive the coming financial collapse he must first work with his 'competitors' to destroy the old system (and by this we mean in trade and banking) to allow a new one based on mutual trust to emerge, and with it a return to sound money and fair trade.


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