Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Was Steve Jobs the real dreamer of Apple as his former partner envisions Bitcoin to one day become the world's global currency

Steve Jobs was known as a dreamer more than an innovator, yet the most credit for the rise of Apple during its early days should be given to the true creator of the personal computer, Steve Wozniak.  But as with almost all companies, rarely do those who actually create the products earn the prestige and instead the credit is given to CEO's who are little more than mouthpieces for the business.

However perhaps we should take another look at that 'dreamer' label and give Wozniak a little more credence when it comes to his ability to forecast the future.  And that is because Wozniak's new vision is believing that Bitcoin could one day emerge as the world's primary currency.

Tech legend Steve Wozniak says he is attracted to the “purity” of the idea that people around the world could one day share a single currency, despite being separated by national borders. 
He echoed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who recently said that he believes bitcoin will become the single currency worldwide. 
“I buy into what Jack Dorsey says, not that I necessarily believe it's going to happen, but because I want it to be that way, that is so pure thinking,” Wozniak told CNBC on the sidelines of the Money 20/20 conference in Amsterdam. – Russia Today


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