Thursday, June 21, 2018

This week brings in a slew of gold backed cryptocurrencies and platforms

As the paper driven gold price continues to fall following last week's Quad-Witching beat down, this week has seen the introduction of two new physical gold backed cryptocurrencies, a new blockchain platform, and a tokenized guarantee to protect against hacking.

June 18: Jinbi Token

Today, Jinbi Token (, a UK and Belarus-based gold-backed blockchain business has gone live with the public pre-sale starting at 12 noon. The pre-sale is currently open to the public and will run for 72 hours prior to the main sale scheduled to start on Thursday June 21 2018. 
The Jinbi Token merges traditional gold investment with blockchain technology, which allows the token holder to experience the best of both worlds. Jinbi has developed this concept further by being one of the first tokens to be partnered with a gold mining company. Using blockchain technology allows Jinbi to hold its primary assets and secure transactions anonymously, safely, traceably and transparently. – PR Newswire
June 19:  GoldCrypto

In a world first, GoldCrypto is providing a much-needed industry breakthrough in cryptocurrency security and is guaranteeing its cryptocurrency tokens from any hacking theft. 
GoldCrypto offers 150% gold-backed tokens that keep increasing in gold backing. As well as token protection from hacking theft the AuX tokens present a rock-solid unmatched entry into the gold and cryptocurrency markets. See:    
GoldCrypto AuX token security is being implemented through the CryptoSecure Platform which makes hacking and theft of tokens futile. If any tokens are stolen, they are rendered worthless in the hands of any cybercriminal and replaced into the victim’s account. See: – Business Insider
June 21: Cyronium

Cyronium is a crypto asset that aims to overcome weaknesses in the financial sector by creating an asset that enables individuals to invest and benefit from blockchain technologies. 
What makes Cyronium unique is that the platform’s utility token, the CYRO token, is tied to the value of gold which protects the value of the token from bear markets and sudden price changes. This system also reduces the risks bore by crypto investors due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices, making it an ideal option for individuals who are new to cryptocurrency investing. 
Aside from investments, Cyronium plans to introduce a platform where SMEs have access to a variety of solutions including interest-free loans and business help to grow their businesses rapidly. The company will also integrate its technology with existing businesses to increase the adoption of the blockchain and Cyronium’s solutions. - Chipin
These new gold backed cryptos bring the resource/asset backed sector of the cryptocurrency market to nearly 40 different tokens. 


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