Monday, June 11, 2018

So much for dog days of summer as this week is sure to have excitement for gold, dollar, and global markets

When Wall Street says 'sell in May and go away', it is usually a barometer for investors that the summer months leading up to Labor Day will be fairly ho-hum.  However with so many geo-political and central bank events encompassing just the month of June, investors worldwide are holding on to their seats for potentially uncommon volatility.

On Tuesday we have the CPI inflation data release, but more importantly will be the fundamental news and progress of this supposed North Korea Summit. 
The summit will be a real test of gold & silver, because whatever happens, the outcome will be spun by the mainstream financial press as “bad for gold & silver and good for the dollar”, especially if there is all of the sudden “world peace”. 
Looking back up at the Mon through Weds calendar of events, because it is that important, we see that on Wednesday, the most important economic event in months will come at 2:00 p.m. EST when the Fed concludes its June FOMC meeting and Fed Head Jerome Powell gives a press conference. 
Odds are still over 90% of a rate hike. – Silver Doctors
These three 'immediate in the near future' events also do not account for the ongoing issues plaguing emerging markets, Italian bonds, or Deutsche Bank insolvency.  And besides the potential benefits for gold in higher rates, higher inflation, and even a higher dollar, those three outcomes could very well invoke a serious blow to equity markets both here and abroad. 


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