Saturday, June 2, 2018

Month of May saw a few esoteric cryptocurrencies win out while Cardano and Nem experienced heavy losses

The final tally for the month of May in the ever growing landscape of cryptocurrencies saw a few esoteric cryptos have winning months while the vast majority of mainstays like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple hemorrhaged between 15-30%.

There were also a number of cryptos that suffered even heavier losses and they included ones like Cardano, Nem, and Qtum.

May Winners:

An epic pump caused by a Binance listing made Bytecoin one of the very few cryptocurrencies that ended May at a higher level than it started. BCN made 19% in May from $0.0055 to $0.0065; in satoshi levels this privacy focused coin did very well climbing 53% from 58 to 89 satoshis. Bytecoin surged into the top 25 and ended May at 20th spot with a market cap of just over $1.2 billion. 
Zilliqa is one of the few other coins in the top 30 that has ended May higher than it began. Up 10% from $0.010 to $0.011 ZIL was also listed on a number of exchanges which gave it the pumps. Against Bitcoin Zil climbed 36% from 1100 satoshis to 1500 satoshis, its market cap at the end of May was $830 million.
May Losers:

Ethereum -  -16%

Ripple XRP -   -27%

Bitcoin Cash -   -25%

EOS -   -30%

Litecoin -   -20%

Cardano -   -38%

Nem -    -38%

Iota -   -17%
The majority of cryptocurrencies fell in May, with only a handful of smaller ones doing well as major exchanges listed them. Overall losses in May were not as bad as March but most of the gains made in April were wiped out and markets were generally bearish at the end of the month. To summarize, the biggest winners in the top 30 in May have been Bytecoin, Zilliqa and Decred with Cardano, Nem and Qtum suffering the biggest losses. – News BTC


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