Friday, June 22, 2018

Looking for an alternative to college to find the jobs of the future? Now there is a Vo-Tech where you can become educated in marijuana

With the value of a college education no longer commiserate with the inflated cost of going to school, there has been a great deal of talk lately about resurrecting the Tech and Vo-Tech higher learning models.  And for a generation of kids coming out of high school, as well as middle aged workers expected to lose their positions to A.I. or robotics, there is an alternative in what is expected to become the fastest growing industry over the next decade.

Meet the Cleveland School of Cannabis.

Thursday evening, nearly 40 men and women made history by becoming the first class to graduate from the Cleveland School of Cannabis. 
"I feel like we're making history. I really do," said graduate William Hutson. 
Hutson majored in horticulture. He believes his degree will set him apart from others eying the cannabis business. 
"I want to put my app in at the Buckeye Relief, so getting this today kind of helps me with that and furthering my career," he said. 
Graduates range in age. Some are fresh out of high school, while others are older and recently changed career paths. 
"What they all have in common is that they believe in the good that cannabis can serve, particularly as medicine, and they believe in the good cannabis can serve for the economy," said Jacob Wagner, Cleveland School of Cannabis Dean of Instruction and Student Services.  
"We have students who want to work at dispensaries as budtenders. We have students who are interested in processing, students who are interested in business, so you don't have to work directly in the industry," he said. - Cleveland 19


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