Friday, June 1, 2018

Cryptocurrency markets free of manipulation? Not according to a number of crypto traders who actually engage in it

Just because an asset or security is 'decentralized' does not mean that it cannot be manipulated.  Yet this is one of the biggest 'pros' the cryptocurrency sector touts in showing that their industry is better than that of Forex or gold.

Ironically however, manipulation can come in many different shapes and forms.  And according some recent tweets out on May 30 and 31, not only is manipulation of cryptocurrencies confirmed, but in some cases the ones engaging in feel no qualms about making it public.

Graphic courtesy of Coin Telegraph

Tweet 1:

Tweet 2:

Tweet 3:

Now not all cryptocurrency trades are obviously manipulated, but if you look at the amount of declining trading volumes Bitcoin alone has experienced since its peak on Dec. 17 when it reached its all-time high, you will find that the Mom and Pop investors treat the crypto sector the same way they do the stock markets now... buy on momentum and move on when the price or volume dies.


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