Thursday, May 31, 2018

High level government health officials now pushing use of cannabis in medical treatments

It is one thing for a group of alternative physicians to promote the use of cannabis in the treatment of cancer or other illnesses, but it is definitely another when a high level government Doctor jumps on board to push the same thing.

And this is exactly what is happening in the state of New Jersey where their Health Commissioner is working long hours to try to get Doctors and hospitals to seriously look into using marijuana in their treatment regimens.

A couple months after New Jersey expanded its medical marijuana program, State Health Commissioner Shereef Elnahal is encouraging doctors to recommend it to their patients. At an event at the Rutgers University Medical School, Dr. Elnahal lauded the benefits of medical marijuana in front of an audience of medical practitioners and students. Though New Jersey’s medical marijuana program is growing at an impressive rate, the number of physicians willing to recommend the herb is not. – High Timrs
Unfortunately, medical schools today are no different than most other University programs which promote consensus of the status quo over that of learning and innovation.  And thus it is a difficult road to travel, as Doctor Shereef Elnahal is finding out, for the industry to be willing to accept change since the current system of treating symptoms over root causes remains too profitable for the machine.


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