Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Gold prices in emerging markets soaring as the precious metal is providing a better hedge against the dollar than cryptocurrencies are

As emerging market economies start to implode thanks to the rising dollar, the price of gold in many of their respective currencies is soaring.  And as is historically true, gold still remains the primary hedge against a falling currency much more than cryptocurrencies do.

In a currency crisis, everyone tries to get out of the local fiat money all at the same time. Gold (GLD) and other real assets like silver (SLV) oil (USO), and commodities in general (DBC) always spike during these times in terms of the collapsing currency, protecting people's purchasing power for those who invest in them during those times. During every currency crisis since the invention of unbacked paper money, gold has always spiked in any given currency as that currency fell. Its record of successfully hedging against currency collapse is pristine. 
Over the last several weeks, we've gotten some solid evidence that the answer, at least as of now, is gold. That doesn't mean bitcoin can't outperform gold as a safety net in a currency crisis at some point, but as of now, it's no contest. Gold wins out by a long shot. 
Emerging market currencies have been collapsing over the last month. The Turkish lira, Brazilian real, and Argentine peso are all down heavily against the US dollar.
Gold priced in these currencies has risen at nearly the same rates as they have collapsed in dollar terms, meaning gold is successfully hedging against currency collapse 
Bitcoin priced in these currencies is still falling over the same time frame. – Seeking Alpha


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