Tuesday, March 13, 2018

IMF Chief wants to use the Blockchain itself to crackdown on Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency industry

It is always humorous to watch the shenanigans of politicians who believe that they have the power to do impossible things like stopping nature, or the rolling tide of a paradigm shift.  And sadly, quite often their agendas to do just that result in causing more harm than good for people as a whole.

So when on March 12 the head of the IMF asserts that the elite should simply seize control over the Blockchain and use it to manipulate the cryptocurrency industry, it validates once again just how ignorant and arrogant bankers are in thinking that they can override technology and change in order to help them retain their power.

Graphic courtesy of Cointelegraph
Christine Lagarde has called for a crackdown on bitcoin by using the technology behind the digital currency to “fight fire with fire”. 
The head of the International Monetary Fund said authorities around the world could harness the potential of cryptocurrencies to help bring them under control, warning that failure to do so would allow the unfettered development of a “potentially major new vehicle for money laundering and the financing of terrorism”. 
Writing in an IMF blogpost, Lagarde said the same innovations that powered cryptocurrencies could be used to help regulate them. “We can harness the potential of crypto-assets while ensuring that they never become a haven for illegal activity or a source of financial vulnerability.” – The Guardian


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