Thursday, March 22, 2018

Human nature is the same no matter the platform as Blockchain now being used to transmit child porn as well as money laundering

When the powers that be come out and jawbone that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are evil because they can be used for transactions like tax evasion and money laundering, they are not entirely incorrect.  However what they leave out in their rhetoric and in their attempts to crucify these growing technologies is that financial crimes, tax evasion, and even funding human trafficking occur far more in their own controlled systems than it does on the Dark Web or the Blockchain.

Yet sadly, the root problem has never been the tools, technology, or innovations which can always be used for either good or evil, and instead lie at the feet of human nature, which has been engaging in corrupt, fraudulent, and diabolical activities since the beginning of time.

So with this in mind it should actually come as no surprise that in the short amount of time Blockchain technology has been available, wicked individuals are already using the platform to deal in child pornography and other illegal activities.

Researchers discovered 59 rogue files buried within Bitcoin's blockchain which contain "objectionable content such as links to child pornography," which raises risks related to storing content unrelated to cryptocurrencies on the blockchain and the potential legal pitfalls.  
The discovery of the illegal content on Bitcoin's blockchain could, according to the scientists, "jeopardize a whole cryptocurrency" with more than 600 transactions containing logged conversations, emails and forums discussing Bitcoin and including money laundering and backups of the WikiLeaks Cablegate data also unearthed.  
The threats to the blockchain have been exposed for the first time in a paper presented at the Financial Cyrptography and Data Security conference on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao: A Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Arbitrary Blockchain Content on Bitcoin
"As of now, this can affect at least 112 countries in which possessing content such as child pornography is illegal. This especially endangers the multi-billion dollar markets powering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin," the paper states. -  Sputnik News
While 99.9% of individuals conducting business on the Blockchain are doing so in a fair and legal manner, that last .1% is always just enough to put a crack into the doorway for politicians and agenda mongers to propagandize their evil for their own benefit, and allow them to usher in more laws and regulations which will over time restrict the Blockchain from evolving fully into the platform it was originally intended for.


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