Sunday, March 25, 2018

Gold repatriation in Europe is a signal of the coming end of the Euro and that nations are preparing to return to their own currencies

Hungary is just the latest in a string of European nations calling for the repatriation of their gold from offshore vaults.  And according to an analyst at the Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland, these moves are a signal that governments are recognizing that the Euro currency's days are numbered, and that they need to prepare for a return to their own individual sovereign currencies.

The latest trend among European countries of bringing home their gold reserves has been raising concerns in Brussels. RT talked to Claudio Grass of Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland to understand what’s behind that trend. 
According to Grass, the process means disintegration, which usually comes with instability, unrest, more government intervention and control. 
“The central banks started the repatriation already a few years ago, meaning before we had Brexit, Catalonia, Trump, AFD or the rising tensions between the Politburo in Brussels and the nations of Eastern Europe,” he said. 
Grass explained that these are all symptoms that are evident today and “therefore the central banks might have seen this coming long before the public realized it.” 
He said it is fair to say that the world is moving away from a centralized system. 
“If we follow this trend, it should be obvious that the next step should be an even bigger break up into smaller units than the nation states. With such geopolitical fragmentation comes also the decentralization of power.” – Russia Today


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