Thursday, March 22, 2018

Godfather Part III? Brother of drug lord Pablo Escobar going straight with introduction of Diet Bitcoin cryptocurrency

One of the primary themes from the 1990 film The Godfather Part III was how Michael Corleone wanted to eliminate his family's history of illegal business dealings and establish a legitimate conglomerate that was completely disconnected from mafia ties.  In the end however, Michael could never truly escape his family's past and it ended up costing him his daughter as well as his legacy.

This idea of someone from a notorious family trying to escape their situation and circumstances is not a new concept, but rarely does it end without tragedy.  And interestingly enough, the latest chapter of an individual trying to do this is none other than the brother of drug lord Pable Escobar who on March 21 announced he was creating his own cryptocurrency.

The blockchain space is truly full of surprises. It appears that Roberto Escobar, the biological brother of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, has launched his own cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin (DDX). 
A hard fork of the Bitcoin network, the new currency promises to offer a faster and lighter alternative to Bitcoin. Roberto’s eponymous venture investment firm, Escobar Inc, is currently running an initial coin offering (ICO), where users can buy the token at a 96-percent discount: down to $2 from $50. 
A spokesperson for Escobar Inc has since exclusively confirmed Roberto’s involvement in the project in an email to TNW. 
The Diet Bitcoin website says the total supply of 1,000,000 DDX will be split in three separate token sales: 300,000 DDX will be sold at $50 (currently discounted to $2), another 300,000 will go for $100 a coin, and the remaining 400,000 will be priced at $1,000. – The Next Web


How much cocaine can a Dietbitcoin buy?

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