Thursday, February 22, 2018

One sovereign government paid for propaganda to push the fear of a cryptocurrency collapse

One of the biggest tools governments have towards promoting an agenda is the use of the media to push out propaganda.  In fact the United States has perfected this activity down to a science when we saw during the 1930's and 40's the use of documentaries and public announcements to fearmonger citizens on the 'evils of marijuana'.

But of course the use of paid propaganda is not limited to just one nation or government.  And as we are seeing right now in the country of Poland, they have chosen to use Youtube as the media conduit to push an agenda on the ills of cryptocurrencies.

Poland's central bank paid a YouTube star to make a video about a cryptocurrency crash in order to warn about the dangers of investing in digital coins.  
The National Bank of Poland (NBP) told CNBC it spent 91,221.99 Polish zloty ($26,764) on Gamellon, a YouTube partner network that features a number of well-known bloggers, as well as Google and Facebook's Irish subsidiary. 
Marcin Dubiel, who has nearly 1 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, posted a video titled "Stracilem Wszystkie Pieniadze?!" which translates as "I lost all my money." It follows a character who buys a fake digital currency which crashes. - CNBC
We suspect that Poland's attempts to curb the ongoing mania that is cryptocurrencies through the use of paid propaganda will fail along the same lines that America's 'war on drugs' did in trying to stop people from using illegal narcotics.  But perhaps 20 years from now their video will make a great meme the same way Reefer Madness has for the drug culture during a time when marijuana is once again becoming a legal commodity.


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