Friday, February 16, 2018

Move over Litecoin, as a gold backed cryptocurrency is also entering into the payment system game

Yesterday we published an article regarding a new partnership between Litecoin and Visa to establish a payment card so that the cryptocurrency could be used in everyday commerce.  Now on Feb. 16 we can add a gold backed crypto to the mix as is partnering with Orca to create its own payment system.

Offering the first payment gateway using cryptocurrency supported by gold, has entered into a partnership with Business Operating System (BOS) pioneer, Orca
Orca, an easy-to-use, intelligent BOS based in Singapore and Malaysia, is used in food and beverage (F&B) businesses across eight countries. By connecting various modules and solutions, Orca promotes a seamless flow of information to provide accurate and timely data to improve operations. BOS is a collection of business processes to boost the efficiency of each function of one's business. It includes the fundamental framework, policies and routines needed to operate and grow a business. Orca also has many Point of Sale (POS) systems in Malaysia and Singapore. 
Puregold will provide free payment machines and tablets that properly include the POS system to merchants, and manage promotion for the payment gateway, using ICO funding. This will put Puregold in a strategic position to acquire merchants in Asia. 
Puregold is working with COSS Exchange in managing the ICO marketing and listing, and talks have also started regarding a potential future cooperation when it comes to POS/payment gateway solutions.  – PR Newswire


BWAHAHAHAHA!!! From WHERE are they going to get all of this physical gold to back up their fraudulent crypto-currency?? What will be given in exchange for it? And even if they do, doesn't that really mean that the bottom line is that gold is being traded back and forth?? If the crypto is equal to some amount of gold, how is anybody going to be able to turn in their crypto and take the gold instead? Or will that be forbidden?? Or, will they just create some gold out of thin air, like they do with the CC?? Just wondering is all.

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