Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How did your cryptocurrency do for the month of February?

With over 1400 cryptocurrencies to choose from, and with an average of more than one per day being created, it is sometimes difficult to sift between the wheat and the chaff when it comes to putting your money in these speculative investments.  And while the turmoil of the equity and bond markets led to massive volatility in their own right during February, it also hit the crypto sphere as here is a list of the winners and losers in the cryptocurrency sector for the month.


Litecoin has enjoyed a very productive month beginning at around $150 and jumping over 20% to end closer to $221.
Neo has made small gains during the past month, beginning at around $130 on the first, falling to a low of $65 in the big dip and recovering well to end 10% higher at $143.
Monero has made some ground in February starting out at around $270 on the first and taking a huge drop on the 3rd to $188 and the 6th to $149. Since the start of the month XMR has made an 11% gain to finish it at just over $300.
Ethereum Classic has risen from $27 on February first to $36 at the end representing a 33% price hike for the original fork of ETH. 
OmiseGO has had an impressive month starting out at around $14.5 and ending on $20.5. The 40% jump makes OMG one of the top performing cryptocurrencies in the top 25 by market capacity. 
Zcash is also marginally up on the month trading at $416 from $390 at the beginning of it. 
DigixDAO also needs a mention, sitting outside the top 25 at number 30 it has performed extremely well in February doubling in price. Trading at around $240 at the beginning of the month the gold based token has jumped an impressive 108% to end the month trading just over $500.


Ripple’s XRP has also lost out this month beginning at around the $1.10 level and falling back to $0.95 at the month’s end.
Bitcoin Cash has slid back in February starting at around $1,450 and ending the month 12% lower at around $1,274.
Cardano has been a big loser in February, starting the month at over $0.50 and ending it over 35% down at $0.33.
Stellar Lumens has also had a terrible month with XLM starting at over $0.50 and ending at $0.36.
EOS started out well trading above $12 but has slid back throughout February by over 27% to around $8.90 where it currently trades.
Both Iota and anonymous altcoin Dash have been pretty flat trading marginally lower at the end of the month than the beginning. 
Nem has suffered the worst, XEM has slumped this month by almost 50% from just under $0.80 at the start to just under $0.42 at the end. – News BTC


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